Another naughty story, By request....  

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3/6/2006 8:10 am

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Another naughty story, By request....

Well.. I have been given a scenario that I am delighted to try and fulfill. Here is the setting.. me and him are going for a picnic up back of a Local spot called the chief.

We get out of the car in Shannon Falls, having decided that we would prefer to do the walk from Shannon falls rather than climbing the 500 or so stairs.

It is a beautiful day... slightly over cast.. but warm.. and the wind from the sound is blowing the humidity away. We start our walk.... and I can already see that he is feeling amorous towards me, which in turn sets me off.. I walk behind him for a little while watching and admiring the backside view that is presented to me. After a while of this, he senses I have been watching him, and asks me to take the lead. I smile at him knowing full well that he wants to watch me walk...

Now I don't have a particularily pretty backside.. but I certainly know how to work my stride. I call it my sensual stride, and I certainly out it into play that afternoon. We are quickly making our way up the the trail and now have come to the bridge about midway up that spans the creek that falls down the side of the Chief.

We pause for a rest there.. and I go down to the water and splash some on myself to cool off....

He takes a look around, and seeing that there is no one there.. comes down into the creek beside me. I make room thinking that is what he wants... but he reaches down into the river looking me in the eyes. He dips his hands in the extremely cold water, all the while still looking at me. I look back and smile, realizing what he may be up to. He straightens up, and walks to me holding his wet dripping hands out to my neck.. He runs his fingers up the side off my neck, all the while trying to manuever to get around me. I turn and give him accesss and he runs his hands down my neck and down into my tank top that I am wearing. As he runs his hands down and his cold wet fingers make contact with my nipples, he leans in and bites my neck, gently, lightly.

I moan and my knees turn to water and I no longer feel the cold water swirling about my legs. My world has narrowed down to his hands and his teeth. When he judges I am sufficiently aroused, he pulls away and says come on.. lets keep going...

I pull myself together, and we continue up the mountain. Once we reach the back side but not quite the top we decide with the wind that it is better to stay off of the top and have a our picnic in a more protected area. We search around eventually finding a spot that is protected and a lil ways away from the trail. We lay out the blanket and the picnic, all the while, I am hyper aware of his everymovement and waiting for his fingers to touch me again. He continues doing what he is doing, pretending not to notice that I am watching him with anticipation.

Everything is all laid out and he has still not advanced towards me, so I take the plastic cup of wine he hands to me and take a long slow sip.. licking the edge of the cup where he can see me. I smile, and put the cup back down. I reach in the cup with my finger to get it wet with the wine. I look at him as I bring my fonger up to my mouth and slowly lick it all off.

He watches me very intently as I look at him and smiling with my eyes I crawl to him. I lean into him and drag my teeth down his neck and bring my mouth around for a long hot kiss. His hands go around me and pulls me to him, as I proceed with my mouth to tell him everything I am longing for...

We break the kiss, with a smile, I back away slighly and pull his T shirt over his head. I lick and suck his neck before proceding down his neck and onto his chest. I explore it full paying special atttention to his nipples. I lick and suck them first soft and then hard.
I make him lie down as I continue down his belly and to the top of his jeans...

I look him in the eyes and smile as I undo his jeans. He is tense knowing that which he has waited for alll day is about to start. I take his jeans off and he reaches to me.. and pulls my shirt and bra off.I smile and look at his cock standing straight up begging for my mouth and attention.

I lean down and lick the very tip, where I see a drop of fluid. I look him in the eyes as I savour the taste of him. He takes in the sight of me, bent over ready to worship his cock and his hands reach down and he starts to play with my breasts and nipples. I lower my mouth to his cock, and opening my mouth wide I try to take in as much as I can with out touching him.... He feels my hot breath on his shaft and tenses waithing for him to take him in my mouth.. I withdraw slowly still not touching him with my mouth and I pull off and look at him. I take in his lidded eyes and the anticipation which is making his cock dance for me.

I wet my lips til he can see them gleaming and wet and I lick all arounf the head of his cock, tasting him. I lick him all overdown one side and up the other making his cock all wet... I move my way up to the top, and I make my lips verywet again.. and I look him in the eyes as I purse my lips together and procede to force him gently into my mouth. He feels the tight pressure as he moves into my mouth and then he feels my hot mouth and swirling tongue envelope him. I move my head up and down at first slowly then quicker and quicker.he is bucking his hipe, unable to help himself as I suck his shaft....


happygolucky315 48M

3/6/2006 8:29 am

Lucky guy!!

dreadsandbigdick 44M

3/6/2006 8:56 am

I want to be that man...please?

sleeplessknight1 68M

3/6/2006 11:47 pm

Watch out for the bears.........
I heard they like pic-a-nic baskets..... lol


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3/13/2006 2:15 pm


This is getting good !!
Hell . It is good !! .... Moving on to the next !!
Quick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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