Alter egos......  

sensually_4ever 42M/F
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2/2/2006 7:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Alter egos......


Have you ever read the comic strip "Rose is Rose"???

I find it kinda similar to my life.. In this strip The momma.. is a stay at home momma, timid and quirky. She loves her family to death and is often bemused by their doings...

And she has an alter ego.. This alter ego is a sexy wanton strong passionate woman who doesn't take "guff" off of nobody....

I love the alter ego and often wished I could be like that...

It has come to my realization lately, since joining AdultFriendFinder... I have developed an alter ego.. an extension of my own psyche...

She is.. Sens..

She is strong, fun, curious, unafraid of what is right, always has a good comeback, popular, sticks up for her friends, passionate, has the morals of a cat in heat and I admire her.

Funny thing is.. she is me.

Being behind a computer in chat or blogging for that matter can allow you to, if you are so inclined, to let the wild side of your soul free.
There are some.. who are exactly the same whether they be on a computer or face to face, and to these people I applaud you. I wish I could let the alter ego out more, and I think I am starting to a lil.. I am beginning to realize that it is not the end of the world if I make a racy comment, or if I flash a lil cleavage. I find.. that I make comebacks now.. whereas before, I would just stew in silence, or smile and turn away.

Someday Sens and I may become til then.. you can catch her in chat or watch her blogs...


Oh come to think of it??? it was Sens who got her body

That's a good excuse for it

hmmmm... well I don't know if this post had a purpose or if it made any sens.. (pun intended)

hmm. well I have already boobie flashed you...



rm_jackie40503 69T
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2/2/2006 8:07 pm

Sens - life is just too short to hold it in inside, so cum on out and play with the rest of us. We love ya and will always forgive you any slip you might make along the way. You'll find its really great when you can always just be you -lol-

Hugs and Kisses {=},

PS: made sens to me

sleeplessknight1 68M

2/2/2006 8:46 pm

I can relate to what yu are saying, Sensually......

I am Me though... on here, off here.... so what yu see is,
definitely what yu get......
I have a line over which I will not cross.... that's Me too.....
and if I think I have got too close to that line I feel bad about it......

I suppose Ed. is a part of me..... sort of my
but he's been absolutely useless lately.....

tc..have fun....
and ty for the song....

sensually_4ever 42M/F

2/2/2006 9:30 pm


Thank you.. It is coming

and the two "personalities are starting to merge lil by lil

Sens the world will never be the same.. cause I will be Sensually _Me

sleeplessknight1 68M

2/3/2006 1:29 am


The two or more personalities, we sometimes
think of as separate, are, as you know, really
all part of the same person... sort of like
2 sides of the same coin.....

And, sometimes, just for a moment, we push those
boundaries..... and then, and in my case I return to the more
comfortable Me, that I am used to.....

My bones are old and weary,
Perhaps I been acting like a fool?
Chasing the impossible,
Reality, it, must rule.......

I really must remember,
Who I am and Where.
I am really Ancient
Living long ways, over there --->

But I can dream, Imagine
but, In my own World I must stay.
Must return to my reality,
Cast stupid thoughts away...

It's Ok, to be a dreamer.
It's Ok to have some fun,
But must protect my feelings,
Perhaps! for Me and Everyone.

Call it self-preservation
or hiding, within myself.
For I am past my "sell-by-date"
Should be "taken off the shelf".

So to my own existence,
I will now return....
Start to act my age again,
When will I ever Learn?.

tc Sens

sensually_4ever 42M/F

2/3/2006 9:54 pm

OK SLeepless. that one made me realllyyyy sad.. cause it felt like you are mocking your self.. and that you don't see how special you are...

*shakes head*.. you make me laugh.. nad I enjow chatting and exchanging emails with you


ilsgicemru 71M
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2/5/2006 6:00 am

G Morning Sens.

I enjoyed chatting with you last night .. I'm pretty sure that it was my words that you smiled at . and I could see you typing your return !!! .... I know I saw you wave at me !! .... Great experience for me !!!

You are a fun and sexy young lady .. and I am glad to have you as a friend !!

I agree with Jackie and Bubba !!

I hope that you will get a hold of Lil today .... I am going to leave her a Good Morning right now !!!! ..........................ils

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