In Defense of the Unfairer sex  

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9/30/2005 9:26 am

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In Defense of the Unfairer sex

A look back to a previous life:


In Defense of the Unfairer Sex

I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight. Oh, there's been no argument - my better half is half a state away visiting family. I'm on the couch because the absence of her soft breathing, splayed hair & limbs are too much to take in our monster, king-sized bed. Too much real estate for a guy used to hand to hand combat over pillows and snuggle space. I miss her and yet ...

When I arrived at my empty home tonight there was no stream of consciousness banter about her day and the hundred and one events that were positive (a few of these), OK (more of these), or needed improvement (lots of these). I must admit I enjoyed the sounds of silence. Men are satisfied with less talk about ... well ... everything.

Of course, the absence of intelligent discourse could be a sign of a lack of intelligence. I flick on the tube and I get The Man Show. Women get Oxygen and we get chubby middle-aged men appealing to our based urges. Eat, Drink, Sex.

Sex. That's what it comes down to for us from junior high on. And with the advent of Viagra we can be stiff until we're stiffs. Our hormone drenched minds respond to three times the number of sexual cues women register. And yet, though we are told nine out of every ten of our thoughts have some sexual component, we walk, talk, work, mix & mingle with our female counterparts. We're capable, despite our handicap, we keep up. Well, mostly. That is we keep up until you smile, touch our arm, or give us that slanted glance and crooked smile and suddenly all I can do is think about getting lost in the deep pools of your eyes and the warm soft scent of your hair - why does a beautiful woman's hair smell like caramel? Babble, babble drool-napkin please.

But no. We are not helpless slaves to our dumbsticks. Any man pleading for Papal Dispensation for indiscretions while under the influence of Master Willie's whims deserves the Inquisition style mercy he will receive.

So, yeah, I thought of my former svelte, blond bombshell assistant as I made my way home tonight. And twice college coeds turned my head as I followed the bounce of bodies preparing for beach weather. If that makes me a pig so be it. But I'm home alone tonight and happy about it. When she comes back tomorrow night we'll talk, I'll listen, laugh, and do the things that make her feel special. And because my swollen male ego believes that I make her happy - I am a hero. That's all we really want in the long run. Just be happy.

Epitaph to a this relationship. It was this closest thing so far to being all it can be. Thanks for the memories + your continued friendship Miss Z.

(Juan S)
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9/30/2005 12:31 pm

Something every woman in the world should see... Thanks for putting this side of things into words.

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