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3/3/2005 4:25 am

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“ The only thing that is sacred is how I treat you and how you treat me on a day to day basis.”
-Carlos Santana

Respect is an aspect of Natural Law. I follow all aspects of natural law as best I can in this current society.

The elders ask visitors (tourists) not to disrespect Sacred Uluru by requesting that they do not climb the rock. There is no white-fella law to prevent anyone from climbing the rock.

The elders ask visitors to respect Wollumbin and not to climb the Sacred Mountain. There is no western law to stop you.

Folks have asked me to send them copies of yidaki (didjeridu) CDs over the cyber-waves. I do not make copies of our elders sacred sounds or any contemporary music because of respect to the elders and any other artist for copyright and intellectual property. I can however, email you some information on how to source some of the best of traditional and contemporary didj. When I win the lottery I would buy copies of these CDs and send them to you merely because you express an interest! Sharing is part of Natural Law. It is crucial to the concept of co-petition (asking one another, humans, animals, trees, rocks, water, sky) as opposed to competition.

I will post some of my own song lyrics, poems and short stories (private and not commercial) which are still protected by copyright. If I do so I am sharing them with you! You are free to do what you will with them, but if ya get caught makin commercial copies! Well, who's gonna catch ya anyway! And besides who's gonna be desperate enough to buy em! Hee hee! When I work out how to get the actual tracks on MP3 (which I don't have yet) I can post them as well, if they will fit via the email. Do what you will, but I hope you will enjoy regardless and not be too bored. If ya are, then ya best organise a board meeting with something interesting on tha agenda!

Gosh Goddess, I hope AdultFriendFinder doesn't censor this!!!!!!!!!!Hope yas all havin fun!

Yours respectfully

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awww tantra.... *S*

Yes your post made it thru the censorship
Enjoy your blog, i am sure i'll enjoy reading your posts

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