Goddess Touch  

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Goddess Touch

Goddess Touch

Song Lyrics © copyright 2004 senscexualtantra

I love it..... you love..... to be touched
and I real-ly love...... I love....... your touch
I real-ly love it...... touch me

You say.... I need to on-ly touch you once
But that.... is not en-ough
I'd real-ly love it if you would touch me a-gain

I real-ly love it..... that you... like kiss-in'
I wan-na warm you up..... get you in the swing
I real-ly love.... treat-ing... you right
That's why.... I treat you... the way I do
Just tell me what you want 'cause I'm mad-ly in love with you

I touch you..... where you like it
Your soul..... your mind your heart your body
I wan-na merge with you..... you said I'm in you
Your soul and you... are in love with me
And I'm so mad-ly... in love with you
Share-ing touch-es.. giving it back.. where you like it

Your soul..... your mind.. your body
Your heart and mine.... are meant to be to-geth-er
To ground this love..... ground this love for-ever
You are the god-dess..... to ground this love for-ever

Your heart..... your heart is blessed
Your heart is blessed... for-ev-er
God-dess ground this love..... touch me for-ev-er
...touch me for-ev-er


I watch the morning star from where I am before the sun rises. I have always known it to be Venus. Then discovered it to be the goddess Venus my ruling planet (apparently), the goddess of love. So I watched her more, as the goddess of love. In these lyrics I see her as my ruling planet while simultaneously personifying her to be the goddess (girl) I would like to meet. Ahhhh...sift it...it's there! Still waiting for the fantasy to materialise!

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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3/7/2005 4:28 am


I'm glad you are my friend
You touched me in so many ways already

Goddess * Smilez *

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