Sexual En"counter"s  

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6/5/2005 2:42 pm

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Sexual En"counter"s

As he stands behind her looking at her naked body, she makes contact with his eyes in the mirror. He pushes her over the bathroom counter, spreads her thighs and takes his finger just inside her two swollen lips. He inserts
his finger in more and more parting her with each thrust. Her pussy is so hot and wet. She begins to moan with lust and passion as he begins to swirl his finger around in her juices. His cock was so hard awaiting to be inside
her. She can feel his hardness against her ass. She begins to rub his shaft in eagerness and undresses him. Fully undressed he bends her over the counter again. Looking in the mirror she is so turned on from seeing him behind her. She rubs her clit and swollen pussy while grabbing his shaft with her free hand. He places his hand over hers. In rhythm they massage her swollen pussy with the the head oh his swollen cock, inserting the the head in and out, all around. His head is wet with her juices. He slaps his cock a few times across her ass.She can't take it anymore and asks him to be inside
her. he takes his hand away giving her full control of his cock. She positions the head into her wet lips and he penetrates deeply into her. She can feel every inch of his hardness inside her. Her lips are tight around his shaft gripping his every move. He knows she wants it harder but he teases her by going in and out of her, each time allowing his head to come
out of her just enough for her to long more before entering her again. He spreads her cheeks allowing him to enter her deeper and harder. She screams out, "FUCK ME!". He begins to fuck her harder and faster. She is so wet, he is so hard. Sweating and dripping they embrace eachother as they are joined at the hip. She is about to cum and so is he. He rubs her clit to bring her
orgasm on. She grabs the countertop with her hands and thrusts back into him wanting to feel him cum inside her. He's like a volcano waiting to errupt in her pussy. She is so tight and feels sooo good.....

Hope you like

seltzypop13 43M

6/5/2005 8:25 pm

Any ideas on what I should write about next?

rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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6/7/2005 6:58 am

I like more of a set up that makes me pant at what happens next!!! I liked the story, but I also like the build up, what does she do to him to make him want her so badly!! It's like what happened before they began fucking! Just my opinion, but very hot story!


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