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10/1/2005 12:05 pm

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likes and dislikes

my third and final post for today (or right now!)

i like guys who are attractive, preferably taller than me (over 5'7 in guy height, and that has a nice body.

i like guys who are older than me (like not under 21 ); usually around late 20s early 30s. i do like older in shape men but they can't look really old if they are lol i dont look like i'm 21 (but i am!) so someone who looks like my great grandpa wouldn't really be very comfortable lol.

i like guys who are nice and honest and say what's the matter if something is.

my dislikes are (in summary):
-facial hair
-exessive body hair (example: if i shave there (which i do) you should too or be very very very trimmed
-being skinnier in proportion to me (it has happened!)
-people who are impatient when i explain over and over that i'm really busy (this site is not a major prority over school and work and my friends!)
-people who are not smart with simple grammar skils! i know thats really nit-picky but i'm a smart girl (street and academic)! if you can't spell the word 'hey' correctly, don't expect a response unless you are SUPER hot! maybe thats mean but true

i know i have a lot more dislikes than likes but those are most important. i cannot possibly list all the things i like in guys! its best to have what i dont like there for the viewing

seksigirlc 32F

10/6/2005 7:56 pm

sure they'd just have to be taller than me with shoes off! i've had a lot of guys tell me they are 5'6-5'8 but then i end up being taller than them and that isn't good! i am seriously only 5'4

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