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3/12/2006 12:01 am
Bicycle Saddle

Isn't TV great? When there's absolutely nothing else to do, television makes a nice distraction. But unfortunately I don't have cable right now, so my viewing options are somewhat limited. I've even had to resort to watching a reality show to pass the time on rare occasions. So right now, instead of turning on the tube, I guess I can write about the shows I watch instead of actually watching them. I know there's a thing where you can answer that in my profile, but I just don't want to overload my profile page with a bunch of text.

So getting on with it, I really only avidly watch 3 shows currently airing.

Lost - Who isn't watching this show? I'll admit, I liked season 1 better, but right now I'm just watching to see if they actually reveal anything new. I have to say, the characters on this show keep more secrets than entire governments. And it's getting a little annoying. If people were more open with each other on the island, I'm sure the plot would progress a lot quicker.

Veronica Mars - Like Lost, I'm not as into the new season as I was with the previous one, but I really like the characters on the show. It's interesting that with Lost, I started with being interested in the characters and now I'm just watching to know what goes on in the plot, and with VM, I was initially interested in the plot and am now just watching because I'm interested in the characters. And sadly, I know who's watching this show, and there aren't many of us.

24 - This is by far the most intense show I've ever seen. More happens in one episode on this show than an entire season of most other shows. One thing I've always found interesting is that for an entire season, most of the characters can't change their clothes or hair styles. I guess they save a lot of money that way. And given an entire season spans one day, there's not a lot of room for character developement, so this show's all about plot, and man is the plot good.

Other favorite shows of mine:

Coupling - A UK sitcom that's simply the funniest show I've ever seen. Absolutely brilliant writing and great, great characters.

Buffy/Angel/Firefly - Yeah I'm a Whedon fan. I'm grouping these three together mainly to save space and I like them all for the same reasons. great writing, even better characters, and amazingly fun plotlines.

ER - I know what you're thinking, this is still on the air. Well it's down here because I've all but stopped watching this show. I haven't really watched this show regularly since around season 10. I just don't like the new batch of characters all that much and I think the writing's gone downhill quite a bit. It's sad because for many years, I felt ER was the best show I had ever seen. And to this day, I still think the quality of those first 8 or so seasons are the best television I've ever seen.

Honorable mentions:

Star Trek Enterprise - It had a lot of potential and season 4 was really really good, until the disaster that was the series finale. The other seasons were good, but could have been better.

Futurama/South Park/The Simpsons/Family Guy - These are all guilty pleasure shows for me. But Family Guy is the weakest of the 4 for me. Actually, that order is pretty much my order of which of those shows I like the most.

Friends - It's certainly my all time favorite American sitcom Consistantly funny and great characters. But I like Coupling better.

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