Mmmm....have to make that a regular-and frequent-occurance!  

seeksbifems4ffm 46M/48F
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7/21/2006 1:04 am

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8/17/2011 2:40 am

Mmmm....have to make that a regular-and frequent-occurance!

So, tonight's playtime was like most others; deep kisses, LOTS of oral, slow and sensual mixed with fast and deep. We even worked out a new position (well, new to us) where she is in control of what's happening, while using my dick as she wants, to pleasure herself. And with a small twist of her body, she can pin me down with one hand while she has her way with me.


Anyway, after she'd had several orgasms, I had her move up and sit on my face, while she was still dripping wet. I pushed my face in deep and she moved her hips, grinding on it, covering my face with her juices. A few well timed flicks of the tongue ensured more cum from her onto my eager face. I absolutely love that. When she slid off, my face was wet and sticky, but I didn't clean off. I left it on there intentionally, letting it coat my skin. It's sexy as hell. It's been about 4 hours ago now, and I still feel it on my face, and the sensation is making me hard again.

We finished off with amazing doggie style, a personal favorite. After taking her to several orgasms, I allowed myself to erupt inside of her, and I was so turned on that I stayed hard and kept on going, but within seconds she withdrew another torrent of cum from within me. Yes, men can be multi-orgasmic, under the right conditions. I could probably be multi-multi orgasmic, but that would take some work.

But hey, practice makes perfect, right?

We're really looking forward to a sexy lady joining us. Who knows, maybe the 2 girls working on me at the same time will trigger even more multiple cums? For my part, I know each of them will have many deep, prolonged and intense orgasms. Count on it.

Kallisti_5 36M
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7/21/2006 2:26 am

Well written.

Welcome to the blorgy. I suggest you try post every day, as many people seem to burn out after posting, like six times in a week, then never again.

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