To be free  

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11/21/2005 8:34 pm

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To be free

What does it mean to You to be free?
Are you truly free to do what you want?
Yes we all have choices and yet we have to take what ever consequences that follow our actions though some are not a bad as others but they all have their affect on you and those around you.
now think about you and others in the chat room all over in the Internet world.
there are those who wish t hide who they are by false profiles and they way they attract others to chat with them with a goal to only self satisfy one self
Yes you have the freedom to do that but at the cost of others that truly look for some one to chat with and others that hope to find more from that some one they may be looking for.
I would ask you to be upfront and show anyone the respect they deserve from each of us to treat them like a human and judge them before you see what type of person they are.
there are those who go to chat rooms to just basically pick a fight i find it better to just defuse the fight by ignoring them and go on with the chat with the others in room and enjoy that time.
well i have said to much in this.
One thing is for certain the time you have in this world is yours to choose how you spend it and the family and friends you care about deserve much of that time and i would ask you to do your best to set time for them.
so now that i have ruffled some feathers with these words of thought i hope i have not offended anyone and my apologies if i have my intention was only to express some thoughts and see how others react to simple ideas.

RodTender 46M
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11/21/2005 10:08 pm

Sexy lady, Rod Tender is an enigma; as such, when He says He is free, He
may mean many thinks. His love for sexy ladies is free because it does not cost them anything, and He Himself can be considered "free" in the ontological sense insofar as the laws of physics do not apply to Him.

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