What to do?  

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8/26/2005 3:16 am

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What to do?

What a fuck all day. Got so bored at the office decided to ular. Mumbled an excuse to get out of the office to the boss. Surprisingly he didn't say anything, just nodded and mumbled something back at me, still trying to figure out what he said, sounded like 'there goes your performance bonus'. Mental note to check with him when get in tomm.

Drove out to Summit to get some books and lunnch, amazingly got the ones I wanted. Lunnch was crap, How come there is nothing of interest to eat at Summit? Nothing but fucking fast-food or big restaurants. The hole-in-the-wall shops are serving food that look like you will get explosive diahorea even if you smell it. Ended-up in the 'Clowns' place again. Somehow the food there seems different from other outlets. I thought they had a standard to follow but I guess not.

Had lunnch and realised I had used all of 45mins! shit!. WTF to do now? It occured to me that I might need some DVDs for the weekend but couldn't find anything of interest. I guess I might just have bought all the movies I like to see. Now what? Comp Games? Nothing too. Might as well leave this dreary place and go downtown.

Got out of Summit and for 20mins moved 100m. It then hit me why I haven't come back to this place in a loooooong while. The fucking traffic jam here is nuts! I wonder when I our dear old works minister is gonna do something about it. I really pity the ppl who live/work here. Incidence of road-rage over here must be pretty high, not to mention all the bird giving (they should declare this place a bird sanctuary). By the time I got to the NPE, I think I had been given the bird like 10 times. I was brought up to be polite, so might as well return the compliment with a .

45mins later on the NPE, finally can put on some speed and actually see the gears above 2nd still work. Shit! Some idiots seem to think the right lane is for slow cars. Where do these ppl learn how to drive then? Mtfkrs should be banned from driving. I figure they must have 'beli' their license or else how to explain their ignorance? Sometimes I wish I was in Rwanda or some back-water country where I can take a gun and preach the good news to these ppl. All this has fucked my mood, decided to go home, I can always go downtown another day.

Now I got to think what to do for tonight. Lately I have come to dread the weekends. Can't seem to figure out what to do. Ain't getting no loving,so can't stay at home but then again I can't be arsed to go to some club to try chatting some women. Dinner out and clubbing later seems the best option but so far nobody wants to commit.

This is shit, I think I'm gonna grab 40winks and see what happens then......

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