That time of the month  

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8/30/2005 3:43 am

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That time of the month

End of the month, the time of frantic calls to customers (Oi!! tosser!! when u gonna pay up?)and getting call from suppliers(Sorry man, my boss hasn't signed the cheque yet and he's left for Shanghai last night), the time when the accumulated problems and those things which have been shoved to the bottom of the In-Tray come flooding back to overwhelm my already fried brain.

But this month it's different. I actually had sorted out everything yesterday. Then again it has been a slow month, which explains why right now at the closing I actually have time to write this. Can't remember when was the last time I was this free before closing.No, never has been like this. Exceptional free to surf the net and goof off.

Came across this beeb article <>
It's so amusing and at the same time stupid. Instead of busting criminals, our cops will now be busting the exhibitionist out there. If I want to take pics of my wee-willy-wonker and give them to me friends it should be my choice. Hell, the idea obviously appeals to alot of guys cause we all have that 'I wanna be a pornstar' dream (although some of us don't cut it in the props department).
Does this also mean that alot of ppl on AdultFriendFinder are gonna get busted to!

Me thinks me wanna go out and get stone cold drunk tonight. Already have 3 groups to meet up for a piss-up. Haven’t done this in a long time and this is a good time too, since I have been a bit melancholic lately

Time to relive my uni days....

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