the shy girl and her boyfriend  

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1/8/2006 7:43 pm

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the shy girl and her boyfriend

So I had the opportunity to meet up with a couple I met on line in Orlando several weeks ago. My roommate said she was flying into a airport close to there so I thought I would take this chance and drive up to see them and see what happened.

So I made the 2 hr pilgrimage up there, picked them up because they don't have a car, and we went to dinner. Where we all talked, got to know each other. I broached the subject of the whole 3some thing, asked what kind of things they wanted to do and if there were any boundaries. Well they hadn't discussed because they didn't think it was actually going to happen! LOL Well here I was and I just drove 2 hours, so I was hoping it wasn't going to be a bust.

We didn't make much headway in the restaurant, and I went to the bathroom to let them talk over stuff. When I came back I asked if they were ready to leave. We went back to their apartment, which has no furniture in the living room yet, so we all sat on the floor. After about 15 minutes of small talk in which everyone was awkward, I asked if they would like anything to happen. They looked at each other and didn't say anything. So I said what I would like to happen, and asked if she would like to start off by tieing him up, since we had talked about that beforehand.

Everyone was fine with that, so we moved to the bedroom, he took off his shirt and she got out her rope cuffs and blindfold and put them on him. We started touching him, and I kept asking permission to do more things, since it hadn't been discussed still about the boundaries thing. I didn't want a crazy girlfriend on my hands. After the third time I asked, she politely said I didn't have to ask anymore, yea!

Things progressed with him and soon he was naked and had four hands and two tongues on him. She and I took off our tops and then bras. His cuffs and blindfold came off, and he buried his face in her massively gorgeous tits. Her body was extremely similar to mine, which I liked, and I so wanted to have my way with it. So I told her to lay back and kissed her (we made out earlier and she liked it so that was a good sign) and moved down sucking her tits and then moving down and pulling off her panties. He was kissing her and playing with her tits and watching me. I went down on her letting her get use to everything, and then pulled out one of my toys and slowly f**ked her with it.

Took her about 5 minutes to come, and she came hard. She looked down at me flushed and surprised. I asked if she liked it, and she said yes with a smile. I asked if it was anything like she thought, and she said no, and that it was different than when he makes her come. Which it is.

She wanted him to go down on me, she kissed me and played with my tits as he did so, but it wasn't doing the job so I had him use a toy to and came, but not as much as I would like, but time was short. I watched them mess around a little and then my alarm went off for me to get dressed and leave to pick up the roomie.
So all went well even though it took a little warming up. I tend to have a way of making people do things that they weren't going to normally do. Good skill? I think so.

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