Do you dream of me?  

seejane1 39F
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6/13/2006 7:14 pm

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5/27/2009 4:42 pm

Do you dream of me?

For many people talking to someone else online becomes a way form of fantasy. You connect with someone via email and IM and you think they may be your ultimate partner. When you blog that can also happen. People read your stuff and may think of you while doing things… yes sometimes sexual… because of the things you have written. I recently read a blog entry by someone on another site that talked about her being their fantasy text girl. I really loved that entry and could relate.

When I was talking to CB in the beginning the emails were amazing… telling me things that he would like to do to me… it got me very hot and bothered and of course peeked my interest. Anyone who can write well tends to do that. But then we met, and although there was no feeling of being uncomfortable I think of course I lost some of my mystery. That will happen of course because you are faced with the reality of someone. It didn’t stop us from bonding and continuing on, it seemed that we connected even more actually since the first meeting, but I lost some of my shine to him.

Another guy recently asked if he should give up perusing me because I was not responding to his emails in a timely fashion. I simply said “yes” and explained why. It wasn’t that I uninterested… it was simply that I didn’t think I would have the time. I have to really like someone in order to want to devote my time to them. Several days went by and there was no response to I figured he had indeed given up. Then one day I got an email. It was a long tale of a fantasy he had about our first meeting. It was quite a nice surprise to wake up and read it… but I also knew that I would not meet up to his expectations for his dream. That is not to say it wouldn’t have been fun… it might have been and I very much liked his idea of how we would meet… but I also don’t want to ruin the “idealized” version of me for him.

It turns me on to know there are people out there that think of what I’ve written and of me while they are getting off. I personally feel it’s one of the best compliments I could get. To some that may seem weird and odd… but to know your writing can effect someone like that… it’s simply amazing.

There have been people on here that I have thought about just by their responses to my posts. I see the picture of them and will fantasize. There are also those of you who have sent me titillating emails that have gotten me worked up and I realize this happens because of things you have read on my part. To know I’ve inspired someone else to write something like that …. Man… it’s just such a great feeling.

CB was my muse for a time… and now he is not allowed to be. So I am in search of new muses, preferably ones that are far away that I can dream all I want about who they are. It helps to know a little bit about your muse so that you can base thoughts on their likes and dislikes, but getting too deep seems to cause problems in the creative process. You learn too much and your muse could loose their mystery and luster.

Have you ever been someone’s muse? Have I been one to you? Would you like to become one of mine?

rm_JamminJ351 47M
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6/15/2006 2:25 pm

I have actually fantasized of you a couple of times. After reading some of you stories, and seeing that sexy look on your face. I have fantasized of us meeting on Jensen Beach and then walking over by the sand dunes, laying down and slowly exploring eachother. You can definately get a guy going.

stf44 48M
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9/13/2006 2:36 pm

Now I have changed my mind. You write beautifully, and I'm sure to some its very arousing. Myself included on a wee level I suppose. But to be honest the more of your writtings I read, the more I want to blindfold you, drag you off to a secluded location and just pound every hole you own until I fall on the ground exausted, spend the next hour making you wonder if you'll ever make it back to civilization again, just when you are crying uncontrolably, I begin pounding your holes all over again, this cycle continues until I'm bored, or your holes are worn slap out.

Then I'll take you out for a nice breakfast ( I-HOP or Dennys, unless your buying) and we chat about why you should not allow strange men that you meet on the internet, blindfold and take you away in a truck.

I don't think I have the writting skills you have, but damnit that paragraph and a 3rd sure has me sportin a nice little chubby


PS you really do have a nice way with the written word

rm_shellax 56M

9/15/2007 12:07 pm

Writing is more than sharing a vivid imagination, it's capturing texture. In your blog you talk about the buildup to sex, but the thing tht got me was you described your lover kissing your wrists where they were sore, is that still about sex? Of course it is! I love details and no I'm not a accountant. Softness is often my muse, and quite often I'm mistaken by the softness in a woman's face, I guess I think I'm bright enough to read a woman, but truth is I rarely get it right, there's a blow job queen on the net who's name espcapes me who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but she is incredibly erotic because of this, I guess had I read your blog without first seeing a picture I might have had a different vision of you. Your intelligence shows in your face and in your writing, but imagine how much more powerful it would be without an image of you. Thanks for your story yes it got me turned on and like the man in the reply above me I got turned on.

MojoAndTigger 46M/45F  
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9/4/2008 2:06 pm

I used to think of myself as someone who people just didn't understand. I would do things that seemed completely unorthodox and against norms of society. For instance, I would tell people the truth no matter what. Some people take that as being offensive and some people take that as a breath of fresh air.

As I got older, my mouth got quieter and I realized that it doesn't matter what I say, just what I do. Now people tell me that I inspire them because of what I do. I recently got off my ass and started riding my bicycle again. Twice a week I would ride home from work over 17 miles and I was told by a couple of people at work that they just didn't know how I did it. They would rattle off a few excuses about how they couldn't do it because...because...because. I kept doing it. One day, my boss tells me that he dusted off his bike for the first time in months. He told me I inspired him to get off his ass too.

Although the written word is powerful, I believe actions speak MUCH the saying goes.


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