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seductiveinblack 32F
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7/15/2005 6:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

my day at work

so towards the end of the day we get this stray cat come in, this lady brings him in and we find out that he has feline aids and feline leukemia (different to human aids and leaukemia so not to worry guys) so he was all dirty as he was a stray cat - so i washed him squeeky clean.
its sad though cause you know that this poor cat is going to die soon, and it was even sadder knowing this and washing him cause i was only washing him so that when (100% certain taht he will) he does he atleast goes nice and clean.
and its worse cause hes a stray cat, noone will miss him its like this a homeless person dying in some gutter hes just a face in a huuuge city and noone knows or appreciates him. Same for the poor cat, noone knows of him or appreciates his existance. When I was washing him, he is so weak to the bones so he didnt even scratch me cause cats usualyl do when you wash them. and when i was blow drying him he kept up nuzzling up to me a purring that was really sad. I hate it when animals die, especially cats cause they look really really bad like when theyre on the road to death its tormenting to even watch cause dogs, dogs just Snap out of life. Cats.. there are steps, like stages and its horrible. So im going to give him a lot of TLC i gave him a cuddle afterwards and he was digging his claws into me lol did he hate my cuddle???
same happened to my favorite cat athe clinic, he didnt have an owner and died..
and if people are reading this sh-t i work at an animal hospital, justincase you cant figure it out.
hope you all have a great weekend. I will be working - again - GROAAAN.
Bye all.

jonny191 36M

7/15/2005 8:14 am

Hi baby-chan cats kneed their claws when they are very comfortable so he was just really relaxed and enjoying him self. You did a very kind and noble thing just like you always do. That is one of the reasons I like you so much. Jonny

rm_guysmiling4u 38M
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7/15/2005 8:29 am

Sorry to hear about the cat...but you are real sweet to give the kitty some needed TLC. As for me I am more of a dog person but I did have cats when I was growing up but I later became allergic to them. I do agree it is pretty sad seeing an animal slowly die. But anyways just wanted to do a post to your blog...keep smiling!

6pkgmn9 66M  
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7/15/2005 10:04 am

Had a dog and a cat...know your feelings. But harder for me..I had to put both to sleep One of the the hardest things I have had to do in my life. My dog was old for his type (15) and was having convulsions..his body was shutting down and he was going..but it was not fair of me to let him suffer..sooo....still get very emotional over it..
Cat I inherited from my x...she was allergic to it! Why she ever got one in the first place I'll never know??????????? Knew she was allergic to them, but....well that is different story....anyway cat starts eating less and less..not so playful..then not eating at all just drinking water. Take her to the vet..tumor in stomach let her suffer so..she was 13 and the operations if they succeeded would have been to hard on her...
Was he purring??cats like to "kneed" their claws when they are I would say you were making him happy
You have great weekend too!! keep positive Do not let it get you down...on day all too soon you will be free to do as you please if that is ever possible I will be working also but now it is for me and what I wish to do

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