men men men men MEN!!!!  

seductiveinblack 32F
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7/18/2005 6:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

men men men men MEN!!!!

gorgeous gorgeous day today, didnt have work. i went shopiing with my mom.. and my dog shes gorgeous.
the tv arrived today, its abt the size of the front glass on.. a car, its pretty awesome and it sounds SO SO SO SO SO .. GooOooOd.
orgasmic good.

sometimes i wish i were gay, a true lesbian so that i dont have to deal with guys. Hell I love them but all the stuff that comes along with it is sometimes too much to handle. perhaps im odd, i want some attention, i cant have to much. I want affection, but i cant have too much of that either. Nice men are great, but i do love the assholes, cause well i pity myself when i am with them and i can be the true drama queen that i am when i am around them. I feel like im my friend *lex sometimes cause she was with a women beater.. well not tht i was EVER beaten up but the whole emotional trauma thing, hell ive been there and well maybe ist something that ineed sometimes.
im so confused, i dont know wht to do, think or say. i hate it when people judge who i am with out knowing me, or theyve already decided on what type of person that i am through a second source. that really really pisses me off to the max and well maybe i really AM what they say that i am, lol but noone likes to be told flake, maybe i am, maybe im not.
god i hate guys sometiems, who do they think they are. i take that all back. not all guys are like that most arent, some pussy willows are though. i pity them cause they have so much of a feminine side that they have to bitch about another person just to get a kick out of it. tell you what guys, leave the bitching and back stabbing to the girls they do it better, and the guys who do bitch and back stab do it in secrecy.
hope that you had a great day, its a public holiday today.
i had a great day, til about 45 minutes ago.
love you all xxox

cuddleboy69 49M

7/18/2005 12:17 pm


You know if you were a true les then you would be in love with women (intead of just enjoying them for sex ) then you would wish you were straight so you didn't have to deal with women. (You women are hard to deal with too!)

A female friend of mine once (long long ago) told me that the reason I didn't have a gf was because I was too nice of a guy. She said women liked assholes cause they are easy to break up with.
(probably assholes are more exciting in some ways too)
You are 21 ... so it's still an ok age for assholes, but when you want to get married or have a serious relationship (sometime in the distant future) ... maybe you can consider nice guys.
Being with an asshole loses it's appeal after a number of years I'm sure.
BTW Nice is not sticky ... I think sticky is more of an asshole thing ... since it goes along with CONTROL <-- [to be avoided].


jonny191 36M

7/18/2005 7:28 pm

Seduc, sometimes I wish you would tell me this stuff. if its ok with you I would to talk again tonight

BlackSailorMan 51M
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7/20/2005 7:43 am

You sound like a mature young lady. Maybe its time to start dealing with mature men. Age does not equate to maturity. Hang in there young beautiful and enjoy (not fight) as best you can life's many lessons.

6pkgmn9 66M  
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7/21/2005 11:14 pm

Sorry that your day went to hell the other day Hope that things are better now or at least getting better Think that same can be said for each sex..sometimes big pains Hows the cat? know you said that she was not going to last long..but seemed to put smile on your face BTW lingerie those items and sounds like you have a good collection sure that they all look excellent on you Keep smiling looking for your next post so that we can all learn more about you

1charlieusa 48M  

7/26/2005 11:09 am

i agree, guys are weird

rm_Jme681000 45M
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7/27/2005 4:29 am

U should travel

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