Who's In My Bed???  

sedd_gurl 39M/39F
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3/3/2006 3:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who's In My Bed???

I woke up this morning, i reached to the right side of my bed, turned off my alarm clock, kicked the covers back and climbed out of bed.

Normally.. I climb out on the left side, cause the door is on the left side. I dont know why i did it different today. But i did. and as i am climbing out of bed, i see my black t-shirt crumpled up half under the sheets.. i pick it up, thinking damn- i must have slept hard, i dont recall taking my shirt off.. i just remember laying back thinking- 5 minutes and ill get up and into my pj's.. but was so tired, i closed my eyes and the rest is history..

so i open the shirt to look at it, and as i do.. i realize i still have my shirt on.. and then i look at this black one in my hand, and i have never seen it before in my life!
So where did it come from? and who the *BLEEP* does it belong to? Who has been in my room and what have they been doing in here?? My confusion quickly turned to anger- because my privacy.. my space.. it has all been violated..

Everyone else has aready left accept Carlos- and i asked him about it- and the more he denied knowing who it belonged to- the more angry i became.. Let me tell you hunni- i lit into his ass like the fourth of July..

Then, i get a call at work- asking if i was stuck in traffic- i said no- i left early this morning cause i needed to stop at the store. well.. there was a bad accident on 49.. oh.. well you know what gets me.. ???

then i proceeded to tell her about the shirt.. she didnt know either

we were both fuming- 1/2 an hour later- she says.. was it an adidas shirt?
oh my gawd- i feel like such a jerk- i threw it on your bed the other morning, it wasnt made yet, you were in the shower...

so then i had to freaking call carlos back at home and apologize to him.. for being such a bitch this morning.. i HATE to admit i was wrong- and to apologize when i was certain i was right...

All in all though- the day was well.. i am anxious to get hold of my hunni.. to see him and talk to him and touch him and hold him.. and my babies too.. .. mmmm... he better be ready..
thats it for now- i gotta get some sleep folks-

CantonOhCouple 60M/59F
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3/3/2006 5:34 pm

Glad it got straightened out.

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