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3/16/2006 5:29 am

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Nothing much to say really, just in the mood to write. Ever get like that? Wanna write, but you have nothing to say, or wanna talk, but you have nothing to say, wanna write a poem but your mind draws a blank- so you start talking, or writing some crazy ass shit coming way outta left field.
Talking about one night you was out in springfield with your aunt when she came to town, your two partied and got drunk- you were too drunk to drive home, and spent too much money, couldnt afford a hotel- so you pulled into a closed little ma-n-pop joint to catch some sleep- a cop wakes you in the morning pecking on the window with his flash light,
wakes you, the cafe is open, so you decided to go in and get some grub-
now this is a for real joint, so it takes a minute for your food to actually get cooked- and 45 minutes into your visit, someone points out that "They are at it again" the people in the restraunt begin to grumble, and you and your aunt look at each other, then start to look around - trying to figure out whats going on, when a waitress walks up and asks "is that your car hunni?" you both turn to look-
16 midget wrestlers are beating the shit out of your car! Their on the hood, on the roof, on the trunk, and surrounding your car! Jumping, punching, hitting it with baseball bats!
Obviously we were shocked! We jump up and run out there, and these guys are pissed that we parked in their spot! They just finished an 18 hour drive after a 4 hour in the ring event!

Now i have to tell my boss at work- that i wont be in on such n such day- because midget wrestlers beat up the car!

Randy- my boss says- I wanna see you tell that to Eric- His boss- So now im telling two of my co-workers this story- and how randy is making me talk to Eric- And i really dont want to tell him- But i do- and Eric says- yea- ok- whatever

So on such n such day- when i was supposed to be off work to go to court, i went to work- and the one guy approaches me and say- hey- i thought you had court this morning- im like.. Court? For what? he says- "those midget rasslers beaten your car up?" Before i could stop my self- i started cracking up laughing- he just stood there looking at me- dumbfounded- Jerry- you bought that shit? i asked- he said .. you mean you made it all up? i am by this point laughing my ass off- he says- well you lying bitch! ill never believe another word that comes out of your mouth!! and walked away as i stood laughing at him..

So i go to his best buddy John- to tell john that Jerry actually believed that bs story to get outta work- and John stands there looking at me with that same look Jerry had-

I started laughing and said Please tell me you didnt buy that crap-
he said(with the most serious look)
well it was so rediculous i thought it had to be true or you would never use it to get out of work! I said "John!" I was just messen with Randy and Eric- Pay day is my fav day to work- besides i get to run the man stuff today (Chop saw, rip saw, and gluer) I love to play with big boy toys- you know that!
so John preoceeds to call me a lying bitch- and he gets even more mad because i am trying s hard not to laugh- but the story was so bogus- how could i not laugh-

he said- you used to be a sweet heart- now i cant believe a damn word that comes outta your mouth! LMAO

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3/16/2006 6:28 pm

i remember i love you lol

sedd_gurl 39M/39F
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3/16/2006 7:03 pm

how funny was that

sedd_gurl 39M/39F
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3/17/2006 5:04 pm

totally serious- can you believe they bought that??

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