In The Pool.. or Open Water  

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3/7/2006 4:15 pm
In The Pool.. or Open Water

Its so hard to work out of the office at the boss' house... I look out the window and i have this beautiful view of the other houses, they are lovely.. the canal.. the boats on the water, the sea-doos.. jet-skis.. kyaks (sp?) and of coarse his pool... this is the good boss of coarse.. not the evil one.. *grins*
He lets me use his house when ever.. thats so kool of him i think- although sometimes i am affraid to take him up on the offer cause you never know what rumors will start.. but today.. it was so nice, so warm, sunny, such a beautiful day.. all i wanted to do was lay out, wich was the plan before i got called in.. I was supposed to head home Wednesday, but looks like they might have me stay till noon Friday and work in our Florida office-
Thats ok though, cause its more time with my family, pluss it gives me an opportunity to work with this one chick- who is a partner, and very smart, and has a lot to offer in terms of company knowledge.. she knows her way around our field
and its a great opportunity to learn a thing or two from her..
but all i could think about today, was taking off my clothes and going out the french doors and laying next to the water.. letting the sun gently plant warm kisses all over my skin
I had no intention of spending the day there, so i put on a bikini before i left the house this morning and oiled up so i could straight hit the beach.. but it never happened.. i just looked up, occasionally dreaming of the open water.. the sun, the warmth..
leading to the slightest hint of love on the beach.. or near the water... moonlight silhoutting the palms.. the city skyline.. the mellow beating of the bongos from a local band at one of the bars across the street.. the off key singer.. its all so sexy- how did i get here?
ive gone missing.. lost.. somewhere out in left field.. a knock on the door brings me back to reality..
It doesnt matter.. Im constantly day-dreaming..
if i get this, i will want that.. i liked that, how would i react to this.. ohhh.. this is nice.. lets try that.. oh my.. can we try that again?!
*Smiles* I am wild and crazy.. each day a new journey a new adventure.. good or bad, take it as it comes.. roll with it.. give me more.. more.. more...
Tomorrow .. on lunch.. No one there but her and I- so ill go outside, take off my clothes, fold them neatly, lay them on the air hockey table, lay out for 45 minutes, clean up, then go back to work.. the joys of an office with a pool.. hahaha

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