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3/19/2006 4:13 am

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I love books, I love to read. Tonight i was looking at some books, and i found two.

One was a book that I think my son would enjoy as well. Dragons and goblins and magic and spells and just a jr fiction type thing. its a little old for him, but he loves to read too. so i thought about getting it.. then put it back last minute.

Then- you know that Tim Mcgraw song- live like you were dying? and those little inspirational books? well they have one, off that song, it includes the lyrics on the front page, and the single on the back.

I read the book while i was standing there looking at it. And the song- it always brings tears to my eyes, and i wonder if everyone in my life knows what they mean to me? Do I show my people in every possible way how much they mean to me.If i died today, would my children know how much they meant to me. Do they know that mommy loves them with every fiber of her being?

Does my mom know that i forgive her? I have told her, I have written her a poem/letter. But does she really know?

Does my dad know that even though i have not seen or heard from him in ten years that i love him to?

Do my brothers know.

Have I made it right with everyone I have ever done wrong?

How do i forgive myself?
How do I let go of the wrongs i have done. How do i let them go?

Have I forgiven everyone who has done wrong by me? The answer is always no. There is always someone or something. This is my aunt. Who totaally burned me. I dont have her number any more. So today I will write her a letter, and mail it to her. She will probably call me. I know she wants to make up. I seen her at a funeral a couple of weeks ago. She tried to talk to me, and my first instinct was to give her a hug, then i remembered what she did, and turned away. That was wrong of me, and i see that now.

We really shoud live like we were dying.. do you know how much happier we could all be? I dont know.. mabe its just me...

I try to be happy, and be forgiving, and let everyone know how much they mean to me in general. you never know when your last minute in this realm will be. But sometimes i forget.. or i just give up..

i still have not figured out the line between doing what you can to help someone, and being taken advantage of. Im always trying to help people. and i am always getting yelled at about being too nice, and letting people take advantage of. To me, its not always taking advantage of me.. its doing what i can to help someone.. help them get motivated to help them selves- helping them realize they are worth it.

so many people have lost self worth, and dont know how to get it back, dont think they can get it back

n e ways- i am not going n e deeper n 2 that-

i just... the book- it just helped me to remember to be kind, show people in my life the way i feel- and i really need to figure out how to let some things go- get rid of the burdens that weigh my spirit and soul down.

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3/19/2006 5:12 am

I think I want to read it. Do you ever read the books on Oprah's list?

Purry {=}


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3/19/2006 7:30 am

Lately i have not read much of anything- but i have read a book or two from O- I love to read- Ive been in Mississippi for about 4 months- i have bought about ten books- but i never have time to read them- i took me 2 weeks to read what would normally take 1 1/2 - 2 days to read...
you have a recomendation?

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