Sex in the park  

secretstud1000 53M
6/13/2006 10:46 am
Sex in the park

The fantasy that has been rattling around in my head for quite some time now involves outdoor sex. I have been doing some rollerblading at a huge park, so naturally my mind wanders everytime I pass a hottie. I imagine having meeting someone to go blading with. We do it diligently and then go off the trail and sneak off into the woods. Sometimes I imaging sharing a joint first other times I imagine an embrace and kiss as soon as a spot is selected. The thought of sweaty bodies rubbing as heavy kissing and fondling is a turn-on. I imagine her leaning against a tree while I pull up her top and suck on her sweaty tits while I explore her pussy and clit with my fingers. At some point we start to kiss again and I motion for her to turn around. I press my crotch into her but as I hold her tits and whisper dirty things into her ear. I then pull my hard dick from my shorts and apply a rubber. I hold her by the waist and find the correct position to insert my dick into her moist and sweaty pussy. Slowly at first I thrust the entire length of my shaft in and out of her pussy as she holds onto the tree. Eventually the thrusts grow harder and harder until I bust a load of hot cum into her hot pussy or I collapse and she climbs on top and plunges her tenderness onto my cock. She rides my shaft allowing me a glorious view of her tits bouncing as I see my cock disappearing into her pussy. This visual doesn’t allow me to hold back and I let loose a powerful groan as her pussy milks the hot cum from my sheathed cock. We then glow and kiss for a little, maybe even take a nap before skating slowly back to our car talking how wonderful it felt and how to do it next time

I have variations of the fantasy that changes the way we meet, or the different positions that are had. The main appeal to this fantasy is the free feeling when naked outdoors and the exhibitionist part without much chance of getting caught. I am a little shy. Let me know if you have any variations on this fantasy that makes it better or if you have a similar urge, let’s talk about it, maybe it could happen.

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