A haircut with a happy ending  

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6/15/2006 7:30 pm

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6/16/2006 6:27 am

A haircut with a happy ending

I once heard of a topless hair salon. Ever since then I have been fantasizing about finding such a place or person. I really would be content at looking at boobs during my shampoo and cut, but can you imagine if it came with the proverbial "happy ending". This makes me wonder how such a thing would play out.

I imagine this to be a private person, rather than a shop. You walk into a room of her house made up with a chair & sink. She would probably say something about how good it feels to get out of her bra as she takes off her top and bra. Right away the shampoo is super fun, with her boobs in you face. You lick a nipple as it glides by. She giggles. After sitting in the chair, she mentions something about sides & back, or whatever, as you stare at her boobs and the rest of the package. Before she tied on that plastic thingy, she gives you a rubber and pulls out this thing that ressembles a vacu-jack. "No, not today, I'll just do it myself", you say as you undo your pants and pull out your dick. She starts the hair cut and you start playing with your dick, perfectly visible by the apron that's going up and down. At some point she stands in front of you and turns your head right into her boobs so she can check for symetry. You talk about how hot she is and how much fun this is. She agrees, making some comment about how most guys preffer to jack themselves off instead of the machine. You don't answer because your checking her out and focusing on the pleasure.
She brushes your neck, does the final style and asks you if you'd still like the apron on. "Do you want it on?" you ask. "No, I want to watch" she says. She mentions how it turns her on and sits on a stool right next to the mirror. She hikes her skirt and starts to massage her clit. The sight of a topless babe fiddling her pussy in full view right there really makes the boner harder and the pleasure intensify. She reaches into a drawer and pulls out a little vibrator. "Are you close?" she asks. You explain that you've been there for a while and have been holding back. "Good then", she says "wait for me and let's cum together". She starts to vibrate her clit, with her eyes closed and her head back, moaning. "Here we go" she says "oh boy, here we go". She hikes her feet up, clenching and let's out a long moan as she cums and squirts at you. The build up to this, set-off your launch sequence and you blast a load of cum. Like a volcano it squirts and gushes, with hot semen running down your hand.

"Wow, that was fantastic." you say "This is the best haircut ever". "Thanks", she says "I enjoyed it too".

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