First entry: May 16th 2006  

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5/16/2006 11:42 am
First entry: May 16th 2006

Well here we go the first entry of many I'm sure of that. Today London tomorrow Switzerland, must go there for awhile and catch up.

I sit here in soho top floor flat in golden sq contemplating what's to come not sure won't even bother delving into that to much might as well take a back seat and let the driver decide current velocity.

My high velocity life not only rewards optimism, it demands it. If you get on each new flight thinking wherever you are going is worse than where your coming from, then this life-style will empty you.

This is where a secret emerges: that the essential demand for a high-speed life is a kind of portable stillness.

The problem with a high-velocity life is that some of the strictures of reality begin to fade away. It is not that the hassles and problems of ordinary travel fade. What is really fading is the sense of connectedness to anything other than what you can take with you when you travel.

At a certain personal velocity (near, perhaps 30 miles an hour)you begin racking up experiences faster than you can count them, and human faces often drift out of sight. Experiences slip behind you in the air like a leaf tossed out a car window.

A frictionless life really means that: nothing sticks. Of course there's a certain peace in holding onto your life with a kind of relaxed, disengaged grip. But the fact is that the constant movement strips away the best kinds of emotional connections. You can can find moments of shocking intimacy as you move at this speed, but shock and intimacy aren't supposed to belong together.

The first few times the sensation might be refreshing but after awhile you worry that one of these worlds is slowly eating away the other.

There's one nice gift though. Those late nights in St. Petersburg, the early sunsets in Paris?
That panorama of aesthetic pleasure you encounter in the fast life seems to me now the best insulation against that horrible, final jolt when we will, all of us, be slowed down to the speed we will endure for the rest of time.

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