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7/26/2005 7:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

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Not much to report this evening. I haven't had sex yet today, but I'm sure I will before the evening is up. I still can't believe I was up so early this morning, and wide awake - weird. I bet I'll be tired tonight.

Oh yeah, the 'experiment'. I've had a few people added to my network, all from invites in the chat rooms. Some people may hate it, but it's hard to argue with what works when your options are limited.

I've been getting more profile views as well (still single digits). I'm assuming also from chat room invites more than anything, although a few people are reading my blog, and one kind soul even commented on a recent post - wow!

On a related note...I did speak with a real woman who was a gold AdultFriendFinder member, and truly seeking action (this was some time ago). She said that she got literally thousands of responses per week! So it's no wonder that it's hard to get women to respond. They are inundated with contacts, so they can be VERY picky (assuming they are real). As I said, this was awhile ago, so I'm sure the situation is no better nowadays. AdultFriendFinder seems to be a losing venture, which is too bad. It's the biggest site out there, so I can only assume that all of the others are even worse.

You know, I wouldn't mind subscribing again, but how about letting me pay a tiny bit more to be a member on ALL partner sites (alt, etc.)?? Seems only logical. Who's going to pay for both ALT and AdultFriendFinder?

volcanoinu23 52M

7/27/2005 7:50 am

I am glad to hear to you are doing well in the chat rooms. I don't have the patience for that for so many reason. I guess that I am just a quiet unassuming guy.

One thing I noticed that almost double my attention was a subtle change in my profile. I changed my nice guy, let's get together approach to a nice guy, let's get together at a specific place apporach. I put a specific plan on my profile and it has really gotten some attention. It also answers the question or concern of distance that has been dogging me.

One night this week, I wrote to about eight gals and got back three replies. I consider that amazing! Usually it is about one in 20!

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