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7/23/2005 9:56 am

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The experiment continues, but all is quiet on the AdultFriendFinder front.

People are actually reading my blog, which suprises me, no comments yet though, but that's OK.

I've had a few profile views, but no contact. I've had a few new ideas though. I'm using the IMC chat client (which is terrible BTW, whoever thought it would be a good idea to build a chat client in flash was smoking crack!).

It shows you who is online, but it's wrong! THe thing to do is to use the AdultFriendFinder page that shows you who is online, and look for people who are on IMC chat. It never fails that there are plenty of people near me online who don't show up if you use the 'whos online' search in IMC chat.

The second technique I've tried recently is to go to local chat rooms. These suck also. The rooms scroll so fast you couldn't hold a conversation if you tried, and everyone is talking at once. BUT, you do get to see local people who are online (active in AdultFriendFinder, and REAL people for a change!). Although there are a few bots in chat, not too many, which is surprising.

As a standard member, I can't read peopls' profiles (which blows), but I can chat with them. Good luck actually trying to have a conversation, but people do throw out Yahoo/MSN/AIM IDs and such occasionally, so you can actually chat offline which is nice.

Also, you can invite people to your network through chat rooms, even though as a standard member I can't do this from anywhere else anymore oddly enough.

So those are my two tips for the day!

P.S. no sex story today, I didn't have sex last night. I was going to do, but felt really sick after dinner for some reason. Oh well, the weekend is just starting!

sweetvixen73 48F

7/24/2005 4:23 am

I think this site kind of sucks a lot of the time but I'm enjoying reading people's blogs. So I'm glad that they added this feature. In the chat rooms I find that mostly it's the same people all the time and a lot of them know eachother, if not from meeting in person or at a meet and greet, then from chatting all the time. I also find that a lot of women don't respond when I email them, but I'm not sure if it's always becuase they don't respond or if they are not receiving the email I send them. I do enjoy looking at profiles too. So, for me this site is fun sometimes and sucks too.

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