seasidedaisy 53F
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5/21/2006 6:04 pm

I started chatting with Tony a few days after I left my ex. about a year later I was traveling through Chicago and we met at a starbucks. By that point I knew I wanted Tony and he knew he wanted me. We got a room and didn't waste one minute taking our clothes off.

I couldn't wait to taste his cock. I surely didn't expect it to taste so good. I gave him the best blow job to date ... swallowing every drop. Tony and I fucked the rest of that night using my toys, his cock and my mouth on his cock. We ended it doggy style at 6 am. He had a flight that morning and I was expected in Milwaukee that afternoon.

Tony and I still keep in touch and see each other every few months. It seems there is nothing except awesome sex.

I fuck him then leave because I am not comfortable. We don't talk much or have the same interest.

An advantage of being a serial dater, many more opportunities to meet someone with that special chemistry. Just wish there would be a guarantee we have something to talk about in the morning. Maybe I should check out the morning then do the blow job.

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