The Vampire  

seasidedaisy 53F
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5/22/2006 10:38 am
The Vampire

I was working in Huntington Beach Ca. I went to a music store near where I was staying and met the manager who asked me out. He seemed super cool and was cute. He was a little chubby but not bad. We met at a pub near my hotel. I wore jeans a blacktop with heels. I had on clear polish on my fingers and red on my toes.

My date shows up dressed entirely in black. His hair was slicked back making him look even more chubby His nails were painted black, he had a cape and he wore vampire fangs; he said he wore them at night when he went out. He was a mess, he talked about all the pills he had to take for this and that. How he can't see his kids ... on and on.

Then he has the nerve to say to me ... "look, don't think I want to have sex or anything"

I was like DUDE lose the teeth, your hair looks like shit and the black polish has to go. You scare the crap out of your kids and you think I want to fuck you? I didn't say that of course I smiled and thanked him for dinner.

and if you ever wonder how risky internet dating is .... real life is equally as risky. people can be deceiving.

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