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5/21/2006 4:19 pm

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I have been feeling under the weather all weekend so I took a break from going out. I could have gone for a plane ride to watch the sunset friday but I just didn't have the energy.

When I met RR I had another date that evening with KK but something came up and he couldn't make it. So I went to dinner alone. I sat at the bar wearing jeans, a tanktop and White blouse tied at my waist. Of course I had on heels. RR was sitting across the bar and made eye contact. Within a few minutes he came over and offered to buy me a drink. I ended up having dinner with him and his grown children who just loved me.

RR and I went out after dinner to an island club. He offered some man money for the little dog that kept jumping in my lap. The owner of the dog a sexy beach kind of guy kept wanting to talk to me making RR jealous. The beach guy knew it and kept flirting, poor RR. How I wish I would have been more sexually into RR. I would have brought the beach guy home with us.

Anyway RR ... lol owns a multi million dollar home 1 block off the beach. He also has a very successful business. He told me when he saw my condo "my place would be unacceptable to you but change is good" RED FLAG. Then he told me he has a 47 something car on blocks in the front yard and he has many pets leaving his doors open for them. He is stuck in the 70's. The icing on the cake is that he swishes beverages around in his mouth very loud. At times I thought he was gargling. I know he didn't mean to hurt me but I ended up bruised ... he is a brute.

We had 1 date after meeting at the restaurant. That will be the last "date" with him. I will tell him I will be your friend because over all you are a cool person ... just not for me. And he offered me a boob job As a matter of fact I know of a woman I want to introduce him to. She lives the same way he does.

The problem with serial dating. Opportunities arise where great fun could happen but they are left as fantasies. Shame either want to fuck someone or I don't, I wish there was a middle ground.

Swishing beverages is not foreplay.

Thinking here why didn't I go home with the sexy beach guy? I didn't even give him my number. duh

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