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5/22/2006 5:31 pm

I met Lou in a chatroom. He's an attorney in NYC going through a divorce so he says. He just wants something for himself. I wish married men had m's on the end of their dicks.

Lou arrived in Cleveland, I was working there. He rented a car and we met at the Hard Rock Cafe. That is one scary place to walk out of many gangs seemed to be hanging around.

Lou and I had missionary sex and a little oral. He was the type when I climbed on top he told me not to move?? then blames early ejaculation on the condoms lol He also was quite uncomfortable with me wanting to use my toys. We had double beds which was fine with me. We didn't have sex in the morning because Lou lost his keys forgetting he had valet parking. I dressed and we went for lunch. Along the way I started giving Lou a blow job. He got carried away and was going 97 in a 65. I know because the cop told him after we were pulled over.

The airline lost Lou's luggage he had to buy new clothes. He had to return to Cleveland and appear in front of the Judge. I felt bad for Lou and wonder why he has such bad Karma. The last time I talked to him he was walking into his office and there was a flood. poor Lou!

Dating a serial dater while married could cause you bad voodoo

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