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I met Jeff on HE HAS become one of the most important people in my life. We started chatting one morning; had lunch that afternoon and remain friends to this day. he was a retired attorney and at the time I was in school getting certified as a paralegal. We hit it off right away as friends. But once again there was no sexual interest on my part. I am so fucking picky.

Jeff and I hung out all the time, we had sex every now and then. Once he was at my condo and a neighbor who I never talked to before knocked on the door. I saw him around and knew where he lived so I let him in. He said he just wanted to welcome me to the neighborhood. Okay ... Jeff is small, bald, very jewish but good looking. The neighbor was a well dressed huge black man, I could tell he had been drinking but not falling down ... he was cool.

Well the black man noticed my toes and said wow i would love to suck them. Then he looked at Jeff's toes and said "oh ... I would love to suck both of your toes together." Then he was making comments on how good Jeff looks and how big he looked. Jeff remained calm and I asked the man to leave. I lied to Jeff and told him that was just a test and that I paid that man to see Jeff's reaction. He knew I was joking and gave me hell for letting him in in the first place. that was so funny.

The story with Jeff runs deep. when we met he was writing books living a laid back life style. He used all of his cash reserves for a divorce and legal problems. I don't suggest being a tax protestor. Anyway I knew I wanted to be friends with Jeff but if I wasn't fucking him he wouldn't stick around. He is highly sexual and needs to have sex all the time. One day he walked in on me fucking the twin and that was it. I crushed him. So i thought.

Jeff was offered an incredible job and had to relocate. One night he was in Ohio for a federal trial. After a few drinks he gives me a call and asked me to be his paralegal. I went to Milwaukee for a case then moved there the following month. (That's when I missed out on Shawna)

I worked with Jeff on a few huge cases. We know we can trust each other. God bless that man. He is brilliant, I didn't know this about him until I worked with him. He has more balls then anyone I know. He's an awesome man to have on your side. A true gentleman and really knows how to treat a woman. He opens doors, orders dinner for you ... expensive dinners at that. We went to see the band Cream in NYC .... killer concert.
Jeff was/is on this site and met a super cool lady. He seems very happy. We talk all the time.

Another good thing about serial dating I get to meet super cool people. See super cool concerts, make some good money and learn how corrupt our government really is.

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