spasms and restlessness  

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4/6/2005 8:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

spasms and restlessness

My week at a glance -

I've been having lower back pain due to stiff muscles and overusage at work. The mattress I've had for over 8 years is ready to be scrapped into a flaming heap of garbage or my back will have no choice but to retire. I'm done already. I'm 25 and always actively moving.. I play basketball at least twice a week, almost like a religion I like to practice on Sundays and congregate with my fellow worshippers. I bust my ass at a job where there is very little appreciation, the tasks are very tedious and repetitious (i.e. back bends and twists almost all day), the hours are great and the pay is somewhat mediocre but enough to keep me there. Don't get me wrong though... I love what I do. I am great at my job and things are going in a positive direction... I'm just having a frustrating week.

On top of feeling like a MULE, my girlfriend and I haven't had sex for 5 days until last night and afterwards I fell asleep right away. It was very nice considering my restlessness in the past couple of days. And when I say "nice", I mean great even though I could hardly PUMP the normal way I'm used to, plus I've been wanting my girl's wet pussy for days. Although the feeling of discomfort has made "sleeping" a meer dream in itself this week, having sex was NEEDED regardless of how stiff I felt. I was going to CUM NO MATTER WHAT!! (two times actually counting the 20 min blow job where I exploded all over her neck and chin) I think tomorrow I will wear my back brace and then come home and wear it while I fuck her brains out. LOL that should help things a little. I don't think I've ever felt this much discomfort since I was hit by a car when I was 3... and I hardly remember that at all. All I know is, I have to run past the back store and buy a new one... hope they don't have any on backorder. :::smirks:::

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4/7/2005 12:17 am

Yes pain sucks it takes away the energy and drive that you need to enjoy life. Hey but you are happy mate. I'd recomend massage and if you can find a practitioner of Bowen Therapy you will never regret it. I kid you not it cured the ten years of back pain I endured after a MVA. Thats why I can lift a couple or three tonnes of lobster a day during our summer and still move and party better than I could ten years ago.

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