Single Females Piss me off  

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4/6/2005 3:48 pm

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Single Females Piss me off

I am a 21 female that is in a relationship. And me and my bf have a open relationship. For you reading this .. that don't understand what that means...that means that you have a AGREEMENT to play alone with whom ever you please. But we both know who the other is playing with that night. And where they are going to be. Me and my man talk about what goes on with us and with this site. NO SECERTS!! We started this open relationship thing about 3 months ago. Between then and man has had no real luck. HE has met 1 female. And try to meet another but she stood him up. He is not having these problems cause he is bad looking...not cause he doesn't try to talk to women...and its not cause he is small down south. Its the FEMALES on this site. You single females out there that like to play games need to go somewhere else. This site is not to play games on. If you want to put up a profile..and ask for "your" type of men. Than do it. But be able to back up what you write. If you are going to be on this site for no reason other then to look. Then do just that..and write that you are just looking around..that you are not looking to meet anyone or talk to them ... and stick to it. Men on this site are looking for diff. things. But my man is looking for a single or married female to play with. With no string. That means he is not going to buy you gifts. And if she is bi. he can bring her home to play after they are done. Have ourselfs a little 3_some. *wink wink* My man is good at what he does. He makes sure the girl is always happy with the sex or the oral sex. He puts women before him. If you aren't satisfied with the 1 round .. he is good to go another round. He was blessed with a nice thick cock. And a great body. He love to give and be given oral. He is a great guy. With a great sence of humor.

The fake women out there that are really man being females or females that say that they are looking for no string sex. BE REAL! That is the only way us real people are going to find real people to play with. It is upsetting to be talking to someone..and then one day find out that they can't prove that they are real. I feel for the real good guys like my man out there that is tring to find a female to play with and can't.

aviationfred 50M

4/10/2005 2:58 pm

Good post. I agree fully. I have met one female who wanted no strings and really meant it. Most females I have had contact me have not responded once a return message was sent.

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