Sick of things going wrong...  

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4/13/2005 3:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sick of things going wrong...

I am so tired of things going wrong with this site..with talking to people..with getting to know people..with meeting people...I am sick of nothing happening the way it should. Me and my man are on here to find people to play with and to talk with and hey...maybe even become friends with. But it doesn't seem to be working out that way. And I really don't see what we are doing wrong?? We are good down to earth people. We think we are good looking. We think we are a good catch. So what is going on?? I am starting to think it is other people !! This is how things are happening...and if anyone can tell me what is going wrong..please feel free to help us out.

We go thru profiles almost everyday. We have gone thru at least 2 states per a week of profiles. That might sound like alot to some people...but when you want to get out there and play...and try to explore what is out really isn't!! We also go thru all the "new" members pics. We finaly find a cpl that we both find attrative. And we decided to wink at them...and if hot enough put them on our hot list. With in a week....we hear back from them..and sometimes we don't hear back from them. But lets just use the "we hear back from them".. one right now. They either send a wink or a mes. And they say things like.. "Hi, liked your profile. Pics were also hot. Would like to chat more. Let us know what you think." And as I am reading it..I am thinking.."WHY WOULD I WINK AT YOU IF I DIDN'T WANT TO START TALKING TO YOU." But maybe I am wrong.(?????) Maybe some people need to be told want to start talking to them...just to be clear. So you send them a mes. back. And this can go on for weeks before someone invites someone to there network. And by that time, you wish that someone would set-up a meeting time and/or a date. But no. That is not what happens to us. No..we get these people that want to talk for another few months. At this point...we haven't even talked on the phone ...and we are way into 3 months later from when we winked at them. Well then...after these people that we have been talking to for months now..are now in our don't ever hear from them. They got in to see your pics...what else do they need?!? RIGHT????

WRONG PEOPLE....we are here to get to know one another. But some people aren't getting that pic! No they aren't getting that pic...but they sure are getting to see our pics !! I am so sick of it not going past this point. And the few cpls that we have got to talk to and play with..they were ok meets. I always wish it could have gone better. But who doesn't? We have people that we would love to talk to and get to know. They been sitting in our network for months..and not hearing a word from them. And it's not like I don't sit here and write them..and try to get to know them. They just don't write back. They can be on line all the time...and they can't take 5 mins out of looking around write?? What kind of shit is that?? I mean if you aren't hear to play...get off the are slowing it down for EVERYONE ELSE!!! I don't think we are picking the wrong cpls or females...I just think that we are wanting to play...and explore what is out there..with good people maybe a little too much. And instead we are wasting our time on rude and fake ass people. And I know for a fact that we are not the only on here that is sick of it.

Now for the people that don't write should I say this......YOU ARE RUDE!!!!!! If you don't like us or our pics...or our profile..FINE! That is fine with us. We are understanding people that are just here looking like everyone else. But if you are going to never write back...that is rude as hell!! And I am sure that about 90% of people on this site will agree with me...It don't matter if you have 1 email or 50 to write back should try to e-mail or quick resonse everyone. We all just want to know what you are thinking. We are sitting here..checking our mail to see if you replyed to us. And know what is sad...over half of the time...NOTHING is in that mailbox. So we really don't know what is going on...or what is wrong with us.(Or you for that matter) I think if you are not liking us..fine...but be helpful and tell us that maybe we can better ourselfs for another cpl or female.

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