Didn't know we had a blog!  

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4/4/2005 12:34 am

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Didn't know we had a blog!

How interesting... I think my g/f tried to start a blog and here it is, empty. So as I sit awake not being able to sleep, I think I'll attempt to put some words into function.

We started this site about 6 months ago and it began with the idea of her exploring a bisexual experience. She found the site and signed us up, but she'll admit nothing. lol I admit everything and one thing that I found myself doing was just checking out profiles and watching other couples on their cams. I can't help that I'm a voyeur and seeing people exhibit themselves for other people's pleasures is a turn on for me. I too like to show off my sexuality and like the idea that people are watching.

We have had a few encounters with some members and each time brought us to a different conclusion on what her and I want out of this experience. We've had one threesome with a single girl... one experience with a couple where the females just played and the men watched (which was VERY HOTT to see)... a full swap with a different couple where we almost hit a brick wall in our relationship (maybe I'll delve into that story a different time)... and she has had a meeting with a single guy by herself alone without me!

Each time after an experience, we've sat and talked about what we enjoyed and disliked about it. Although we haven't done everything yet, I think that we will stand by each other and discover more and more about ourselves as well as how strong our relationship is. I know she wonders how I would feel if another guy was brought into the bedroom for a MFM threesome... we've discussed it before and I really don't see a problem with it. I want to be that person that fulfills each and every fantasy.. sharing the experiences together. All I know is that I wouldn't want to see a guy I'm friends with pleasing her. Someone out of our intergrated lives that we wouldn't bump into again would make it more of an ease to my mind if we ever embarked down that road.

As for me finding a female to play with alone, it seems that she isn't too fond of allowing that to happen. She even sends winks to women or invites them to our network FOR ME without me knowing... which in my mind sends me mixed signals. Either you are ok with me playing alone or you aren't. Sometimes I think she doesn't know herself how she feels about that. I can understand though, I'm a great guy and she and I both know we're great catches... she doesn't want to lose me to another woman. I don't really know if she would find someone else to be more suitable for her and want to move on, but I'm sure of this though... in the beginning, I've always said "be honest" and we've pretty much have been. I told her that if she wanted to be with me, be with me. If she wanted to be with someone else.. tell me, as I would tell you. I hate cheaters. She's been cheated on before too so we both share that opinion very strongly.. which is why while doing this, we both know what is going on. No secrets. The last thing we want is to lose one another so we bend and compromise to each other's needs or wants so that no one really has control over the other. We are individuals that are very much attached but also love to see the other one happy. That's what's most important, right?

I don't know where this rambling is going tonight, but I think I could write a novella on each subject I've touched on. ME AND MY DAMN TANGENTS!! lol So I guess I'll just throw in a link somewhere to dissolve all of this.... and since we've joined the site, we've grown to learn that computers are bad. mmmkay?

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