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1/31/2006 2:29 pm

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Movies and Dancing

Well let me start at the beginning, I was quite bored and looking for something new to do a few weeks ago. Having never seen a porno (wonder why there is an o at the end of porn? well anyway). I got to the Adult Store, little did I know that I should have went to one with a private viewing booth! Who woulda thunk right? I paid my admission, should have known something wasn't right when the proprietor looked at me a little strangely.
Anyway I go in and take a seat at the end of an aisle. I'm watching the so called movie and of course muttering some sort of dialog (to myself of course, I just cant watch a movie without a plot!) While sitting there taking notes on the various positions and couplings. I neglected to notice that there was a visitor in my aisle. He decided to sit two seats over from me and in the midst of a lesbian scene (which I was taking an interest in, what with this being a new year and all!) Back to where I was, he sat two seats over from me and I glanced over, out of the corner of my eye of course, his breathing was a little labored and I was just making sure things were ok. Last thing I need is someone dying on me in an Adult Theater! He appeared to be ok. I turned my attention back to the movie. The scene was getting a little intense and I was becoming somewhat aroused, note I said somewhat, not that I was willing to do anything or anyone in my line of vision.
Next thing I know, I hear something that sounds like a suckling noise. I made the mistake of looking over at my aisle neighbor to see him pleasing himself, he was pretty well endowed but.. just the thought!
I had to exit the theater with such an image in my head.

Later that evening, still wanting to explore new avenues. I decided to take myself to a Girlie Bar, wanted to see what the big deal was all about. Well when I got there they refused me admittance, saying that I must be accompanied by a male in order to get in. Feeling a little dejected, I walked away. Only to be met in the parking lot by a group of males in a limo. They asked me how the show was and why I was leaving early. I told them that I had been turned away. They invited me to join their bachelor party there seeing as how one of the grooms men were sick. Yahoo! I thought, this might just be fun after all. After we were all seated and watching the beautiful women gyrate and what not on stage, one of the guys decided to buy all of us lap dances. Ha Ha I got the prettiest dancer for mine, as she danced over me and on top of me, touching me all over with her hands, I asked her if she enjoyed what she did. She told me she liked it ok, but loved it when she could dance for a woman! Holy shit! I bout fell outta my seat. I think the guys were enjoying her dancing for me more than their own lap dances, after my dance and a few more songs, I decided to call it a night. After all the next night was the birthday party that my best friend and I had planned for ourselves as usual.
Strange but I will never think of a movie and dancing the same again.

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