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9/4/2005 6:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I have become quite depressed and disheartened as of late. To hear people categorizing and judging people for "not leaving", "I would have had more sense than to stay", "they deserve what they get,after all they were told to leave". The harshness of mere words are too much to bear at times. We can all question why and what if this disaster till the day we die, it wont change what happened nor make it just go away.

I've cried thinking of the family members of my own actually, that thought they might be able to stay and didn't make it. They weren't poor and unable to leave but the City was their life. I cry for the women and kids that were , the elderly that needed medication and passed away while waiting for help, the kids that have not only lost their homes but their parents as well, for the husbands that have lost wives and wives that have lost husbands. It isn't easy to mourn sometimes for those that we don't know, but seeing their lives fall apart on the television day by day was heart wrenching.

Wonder why they are called refugees instead of Victims? I do.

I have all of the people in AL,MS and LA in my prayers nightly, luckily I have a job that is going to render assistance and will be responding to do what I can as well, I hope that some of you pray for me as well.

We were spoken to this morning at work by a representative from FEMA who was at all of the major hurricanes that hit FL last year, she said if we were to combine all of those and add some of the more tragic ones from years past it may prepare us somewhat for what we are to witness.

Please once again, (yes I know this is a sex site) keep these people in your hearts and prayers and hope they can gain just a little dignity through the pain and be able to go on living.

frogger1995 39F

9/4/2005 7:45 pm

I agree. I can think of many more people and groups who should be first in line for finger pointing. However, any type of blame is counterproductive. Whether or not someone acted rationally should not interfere with our obligations to help them.

AltumHunksUnite 53M

9/13/2005 2:33 pm

This whole thing was just one big tragedy.

On a lighter note, it appears that New Orleans will be allowing residents to return and check out their homes soon.

Let me drive. I like the view

studmuffin5011 70M
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11/4/2005 3:58 pm

how did you far during the hurricane? We fared well, but had friends down south who lost quite bit and are still trying to figure out what they are going to do.

sexytallblonde5 47M  
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12/15/2005 5:54 pm

Being from Louisiana, and having driven through the outer perimeter of the hurricane to get there, I think there are some things that need to be said.
We louisianians are famous for being stubborn. I acutally know people who resented having to send their kids to school. People in fact did say that they weren't leaving. If a father refuses to take his family out of the path of danger, and the children are hurt, or worse, What do we do? Call them "victims". Where is personal responsibility? We've become a society that demands someone else do all of our thinking for us. If you spill hot coffe on yourself, it's not your fault, it's the fault of whoever has a lot of money.
A man was stealing his neighbors tires, and the jack he was using slipped because he didn't employ it properly. He sued his neighbors and won! I don't mean to sound harsh, but in life you can't always just close your eyes and your mind and hope that someone else is looking out for you.

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