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1/31/2006 2:50 pm

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Yes, you heard me, I said "Yarg!" I am so pissed off about everything. I'm starting to get sick of all this bullshit. Yeah, yeah, everybody wants a relationship. Everybody has opinions. Everybody wants sex. But no one has anything interesting to say. Well, some people do. And no one is wild enough on here it seems to give me what I desire. If you people wannt know the REAL TRUTH of shit, it's that love and sex and relationships and all that stuff is a goddman joke. A JOKE, d'ya hear me??!!

"Wah wah wah, I needs me some love.... Wah wah wah, I needs me some sex..." That's all anybody really has to say. Well, think for a second and ask yourself WHY you want this stuff. Because you're PROGRAMMED to want it, that's why! You're programmed by the genetic code and you're further programmed and shaped by society and family. We're infiltrated with this desire shit from birth then waste our whole friggin' lives trying to satisfy it.... and FUTILELY, I might add!

In the end, in the very END, it's all about making babies, isn't it? It's just the design that nature (or God, if'n you're retarded... just kidding, God's a great guy, he shines my shoes up real nice) worked out to get creatures to reproduce. It's ZOO BEHAVIOR, that's all. Sure, there's other components to it, too, but the FORM of it, the shape that it all takes is all about reproduction. By that I mean the existence of males and females in nearly all species of life, the bizarre and tortuous mating behaviors & rituals, the psychological components (most of which are LEARNED not in-born), and so on. All that stuff is just part of the show. Sure, you can say "but it's a NICE show!" yeah, I can dig that, but WHY is it a nice show? It seems "nice" to us because our physical make-up, as determined by genetics, programs us to respond to it as if it were nice.

Get shut out of this show long enough or have too much trouble with it or just catch a glimpse of the dissatisfying absurdity of it all and you're instantly thrown out of it and it's very hard to find your way back in again. I've felt like an alien in my own body since as far back as I can remember, so it's always been a grinding struggle for me. YOU, on the other hand may have never stepped out of the show long enough to see it objectively and be alienated by it or you have only recently found yourself in this situation and don't understand it yet. You're weeping, I can hear you, I can literally HEAR you suffering ones out there weeping and/or moaning! Uncle Scummy has big ears, see? Big ears and a big heart. I feel for you... but that doesn't stop me from laughing at you, too.

Point I'm making, I guess, is that it all just boils down to one big irritating mess. Most of your normals and semi-normals out there (lots of you are much more normal than you realize) just can't understand what I'm getting at, or at least you have no real personal experience of it. My entire life, it seems, or at least a large part of it, is all about this experience - the experience of alienation from all that comes with our existence as sexual beings. And I have found my true love! I guess this is why she says I'm cold and moody and constantly fears that I'll leave her. I won't ever leave her... well, maybe just for just a couple hours to slobber on some willing honey's sweet poon tang.

Sex is just a pain in the ass, you know. I actually LOOK FORWARD to the day I am old and impotent. Ah, sweet impotency... YYYAAAAAAARARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

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