Kudos... to you... maybe  

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2/3/2006 11:57 pm

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Kudos... to you... maybe

I've read a lot of blogs here and elsewhere and all sorts of many other kinds of personal content on the internet. When I started this Passion acount it was really just a joke, a lark, an experiment (and still is, I guess), thought: "Guess I'll go on there and start messing with some of these losers and perverts heads..." BUT, since I've been here I have read my fair share of blog posts and must admit that I'm very pleaasantly surprised. Rather than merely a rankin', stankin', disease infested pit of losers and defectives, I find that many people on here are actually nice, intelligent, cool, interesting, thoughtful, perceptive, well-rounded, and pretty good writers to boot! I think this is as fine a collection of blog posts as I've read ANYWHERE on the entire world wide web. My faith is quite literally RESTORED. The people who've commented on my posts so far are fine examples of this fact.

As always, I have a theory about that: the reason for this is that since Passion (which is still a stupid money-grubbing, limited site rife with pointless censorship) is centered on the personals function and so sexuality is a major focus that this removes one of the key restrictions that make for stilted, stunted, dull and uninteresting (not to mention un-intelligent) thought and/or people. This is a sexually open spot on the web that attracts sexually open and curious people and this is NORMAL and HEALTHY, while the opposite of this is NOT. Sure, that opens it up to weirdos and sleazoids and nuts (like myself), but it also allows free-thinking, openminded people to speak their mind. THIS IS HOW YOU GET INTERESTING THOUGHT. This also nicely explains why the uptight pricks of the world are the WORST PEOPLE, worse even than the random pervert or nutjob.

So... kudos to you... unless you're just some sicko, that is. If you ARE just a sicko, allow me to take this opportunity to say: Hello brothers and sisters, I know just how you feel.

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