The Santa Dream, part 1  

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7/10/2006 9:17 pm

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The Santa Dream, part 1

I enjoy writing erotic fiction stories of fantasies daydreams I have. They are just fantasies, but a girl can dream, can't she!! Hope you enjoy them!

The Santa Dream

Started at a Christmas fun-raiser party at friend’s house, complete with Santa and his elves. Lots of people, champagne, a magnificent tree and the whole house was decorated. Warm, inviting, festive. The front and back yards were glistening with strand upon strand of white twinkle lights. I’d been pressed into service as an elf by the hostess, to give presents out at Santa’s command. The outfit presented to me was a sexy little short red velvet dress, flared skirt covered at the hem, collar and cuffs in white fur. The hat, matched the dress and came complete with wide black belt, black buttons up the front and little black stiletto boots. After putting on the dress, I exclaimed to the hostess that it was too tight and too short. There was too much leg and cleavage showing. “Wear it anyway” she said in the kitchen, “the guys will love it and it looks cute”. Fine…. The only way it would fit was if I left all but the bare necessities on underneath as the turtleneck and stockings I wore there were not going to work.

Upon exiting the kitchen, Santa was ho-ho-ho-ing through the dining room. As he passed me, I saw his brown, collar length hair come out from under his hat, which I quickly tucked back in. Turning around, you looked into my face, your eyes surprised at the soft touch and I wasn’t sure if I sucked in my breath or if I sighed, all I knew was the world went still for a moment. It seemed like an eternity that our gazes locked, but it probably wasn’t more than a second. You were tall, with high cheekbones and green eyes filled with intelligence, knowing and confidence. I felt strange, as the sizzle of your gaze washed over my body. I felt light headed and swayed. You reached out and steadied my shoulder, eyes intense on mine, remarking that Santa needed his favorite elf to help with the presents, taking my hand in yours. The hand was warm and casually enveloped mine. Pulling me across the room, you sat in a chair and plopped me down on your knee. “Tell me little girl, what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?” you teased.

I didn’t think saying hot, wild sex and an orgasm that would take the top of my head off, over and over again, would be appropriate in this mixed crowd, so I smiled and said “just a little kiss, Santa”. Your hands were wrapped around my waist and I jumped when the smooth cotton glove slowly moving down the bare skin of my upper thigh to rest on my knee. “Well”, you said, we’ll talk about that later, arched your eyebrow at me, winked and patted me on the bottom. Not to be outdone, I squirmed my hips in a circular motion, once, in your lap, surprised at the firm resistance I felt, before standing up. Bad elf, I snickered…..

To be continued........

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7/10/2006 10:13 pm

we write a lil erotica too, if you would care to come by and give us read. Welcome to Blogland.


electriccompany 52M

7/11/2006 9:01 am

Nice story, Scrubby. Looking forward to the continuation. Welcome to Blogland!

GotHotLolPop 48M

7/11/2006 8:47 pm

Hmm getting interesting.. When you going to write Part 2. You asked him a little kiss.. Where did he kiss you?

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