Santa Dream, part 2  

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7/12/2006 6:59 am

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Santa Dream, part 2

Soon the presents were all out and I was allowed to take off the stupid hat. The hostess asked if I would go out to the pool house and bring in a few more bottles of wine. “Sure, no problem” I was happy to get out of the house, as it was so hot in there and the crisp, cold air felt good against my bare skin. The dress was making me itch. The pool house was at the other end of the yard, a miniature replica of the house, complete with windows and curtains. This was no mere pool house, it was completely furnished and often served as a guest house and was illuminated by all the white lights in the yard. I entered the pool house but couldn’t find the light switch. Fumbling around, I found chairs, the futon, a ton of little white lights in a pile, towels, countertop and refrigerator, but no wine. Exasperated, I turned to go back to the house when you appeared in the doorway.

“You are a very bad elf”, you said in a low tone “You didn’t finish your lap dance” stepping through the door and closing it behind you. “This may affect your standing on the naughty or nice list”. Before I could think, you closed the distance between us and pinned me against the counter. You weren’t wearing cologne, but you smelled clean and strong, leaning close to kiss me and sensations flashed up my core. Hot, sweet and intense. You were dark and dangerous, your hands on my body, sliding up my leg to the junction between my thighs, staying there for a moment, as a gasp escaped from my throat. I didn’t want to wait any longer. You had completely ignited my desire for you and you felt it white-hot in our kissing. Running my hands up the front of your suit, I deftly opened all the buttons, removed the belt and flung open the jacket, pulling off your tee shirt and exposing your smooth, long, lean body. I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss your chest, your nipples, run my tongue down your happy trail, stopping only at your waistband. You chuckled at my haste and fumbled with the buttons on my dress. In no time, we were standing buck naked, breast to chest, amongst a pile of red velvet and fur. We were passionately kissing as you walked me backwards to the futon, gently pushing me down to sit on the bed. Reaching over to the pile of lights, you draped several strands along the back of the frame and plugged them in, washing us in a warm glow of white twinkle lights. The lights made your skin appear even darker against my porcelain skin, and glitter off the costumes sparkled on our skin. I watched eagerly as you stood in front of me. Stunned by your impressive cock, I drew you too me and taking you into my mouth, slowly began to twirl my tongue around the head, tickling and sucking in rhythm with your soft grasp in my hair.

to be continued.......

GotHotLolPop 49M

7/12/2006 4:08 pm

Intresting. You are good teaser

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