Five Guys a Girl needs to dates  

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Five Guys a Girl needs to dates

Type #1: The Older Man
There comes a point in every guy's life when he's no longer interested in keg parties, Sony PlayStations, and phrases like "getting laid." In short, a man becomes a man, and that's exactly why you should see what an older guy is all about. No, it's not because he could be a sugardaddy who'll shower you with fancy meals and great gifts (although that could be nice).

The real perk of dating an older guy is his worldliness and wisdom, which is bound to rub off on you, says Steve Nakamoto, author of Men Are Like Fish: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Catching a Man. "Because he's had more life experience and has been through more than younger guys, he can play something of a teacher role," he explains, adding that he once dated a woman 14 years younger than him. "She still calls me today to thank me for the things I taught her," he says. "She's always been very appreciative of advice I gave her, even little things like buying a CD, after I explained that I meant certificate of deposit, and not a music album!"

Type #2: The Starving Artist
Okay, sure: These dudes are not going to take you to fancy restaurants or even pay for your half of the dinner bill. Money, nice meals, and material goods don't mean squat to this guy--and that's exactly why you'll have an incredible time once he opens your eyes to life's simpler pleasures. Erika Meitner of Charlottesville, VA, now sees the world differently after a summer spent with a struggling musician, Jesse. "We went on the best dates, because they all involved great conversation and the most unexpected adventures," she says. "He knew all the best cheap beer bars, where the jukeboxes rocked, and colorful people always wanted to tell Jesse their stories." Not only will the world seem infinitely fascinating, but you may feel more fascinating, too, as you become inspired by his creativity and perhaps play the role of his muse.

Type #3: The Metrosexual
OK, so he may be better dressed and more recently manicured than you. Get over it--because not only will you reap the obvious benefits of dating a guy like this (by being able to borrow his expensive shampoos), you'll get a chance to live a happenin' life! These guys will take you to all the hottest clubs and coolest clothing stores, and let's not forget just how fabulous you'll feel walking hand-in-hand with a man who looks like he just stepped out of an issue of GQ. The benefits don't end there: His style may well rub off on you. "That's significant," says Nakamoto, "because it makes her feel better about herself, as well as making her a stronger player on the social and professional fields."

Type #4: The Bad Boy
This rebel might have a motorcycle or not, but one thing's for sure: He lives on his own terms and is not about to apologize for them. Hang with him for a while, and you'll learn why being bad can feel so good--and how to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Talk about liberating! "In general, women tend to be pleasers, much more so than men," Nakamoto says. "A bad boy can show them what it's like to quit trying to make everyone else happy, and just do what you want." New Yorker Diana Petroff has first-hand experience of these bad-boy benefits, having once dated one of these rebels. "He knew there was more to the world," Petroff explains. "And from being with him, I learned to look deep inside myself for what's truly important--rather than just accepting what my parents or friends thought was the proper path for me."

Type #5: The Nice Guy
He never makes you feel insecure or uncertain, never plays hard to get, never makes you doubt how he feels about you. It's a shame that we need to explain this one, and yet we know how hard it can be to date a true sweetheart, at least at first. "A woman won't be used to the frequency and consistency of affection nice guys give, since most other guys who are playing the dating game don't do that," Nakamoto explains. Even so, he advises that women get used to the nice guys, and quick. Why? Because once you've had the good stuff (a guy who calls when he says he will; a guy who wants to see you more often as he gets to know you), you won't stand for anything less. At the same time, that doesn't necessarily mean you should start sending out the wedding invites after a few months. "Just because he's nice doesn't necessarily mean he's the right guy," Nakamoto warns. "He might rate low in terms of romantic chemistry, because he lacks the edge that creates the kind of surprise, passion, and excitement that all people want in their lives."

Of course, the key is finding the man who has everything you want--until then, however, go ahead and try everything and don't worry so much about whether you've found Mr. Right. Trust us, he's out there. In the meantime, have fun!

Maura Kelly is a freelance writer living in Washington, D.C.

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