Wat moet ons doen!!!!! Awaken ur fantasy!!  

screwanything300 30M
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6/14/2006 6:54 pm
Wat moet ons doen!!!!! Awaken ur fantasy!!

It seems that most woman won't have sex with a guy much younger than them 'cause of a lack of expirience or u r my son's age and so on.

Thus it seems that it is ok for men but not 4 woman but clearly the ladies take long to change with the time 'cause these days younger men is with older woman like Demi Moore that celeb.

So why can't the rest just try and test drive the younger guys man stick and if unsatisfied. U can go back to the old one u know best.

Come on wake up and fulfill ur fantasy of fucking a younger guy or be his sex teacher ........

So would someone please answer!!!!!!!!

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