Self positivity  

screamzw 55M
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5/3/2006 8:00 am
Self positivity

Six Pick Me Up Tricks

1. SMELL ‒ the roses or the coffee o r whatever evokes strong memories in you. Smell is one of our strongest senses and can instantly lift our moods by whizzing us back to happy times
2. STROLL ‒ in your garden and give yourself a three way boost. The exercise will give you a burst of mood enhancing endorphins, while the fresh air clears you r mind and the outdoors helps you forget you r worries
3. SPEND ‒ a little cash on a treat ‒ but think of an experience rather than a material purchase
4. SNACK ‒ on a little lean protein or have a banana. They are all high in tryptophan which triggers the brain’s production of serotonin ‒ the bodies natural anti depressant
5. SEX ‒ it up since an active sexual relationship releases mood enhancing hormones
6. STIMULATE ‒ happy thoughts when you’re stressed or down . Close you eyes and imagine yourself somewhere you felt calm and relaxed and relive the comforting sounds, sights and smells

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