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-Dedicated to the Women who allowed me to be a part of their lives...


Basic Courtship
Oral Sex
Keeping It Hot! Hot! Hot!

1. Foreword

Women nowadays are complaining because they find it increasingly harder to find men who can sexually and emotionally satisfy them. Who can blame them? Look around, ask a few people, preferably ladies, and you will realise that most of the problems lie with us, Men. Come on guys, keep an open mind and don't go all egoistic at the comment I just made, because you would just be proving the ladies right. Stumped? Don't be. This is the guide to helping a woman get her satisfaction, or rather, a guide to help the guys in satisfying their ladies. That is a fact. Women CAN attain orgasms, it is not a myth. The problem is, are we guys good enough to make them reach their sexual peak? If you're lost about where I am going with this, please do not continue reading.

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2. Introduction

Let's get started with the basics. While reading this guide, I need you, the reader, male and female alike, to keep an open mind. I need the guys to keep their ego in check and the ladies to exercise discretion.

Before I continue, please keep in mind that the female psyche and the male psyche are totally different. What may be common sense to a man may not be so to a woman and vice versa. That is just the way we are made. No one psyche is better than the other. We must stop thinking along that line and try a different approach. Let us just say that the male characteristics and psyche complement those of the female. I mean, you can't just have one side of the zipper can you?

The only way we can complement one another is by knowing how we can complement each other. We must know what our complementary half need to make us a good pair and this is true the other way round. Where am I going with all these explanations? Well, sex IS an act involving at least 2 people. Thus, knowing what your partner needs will help you to get her satisfied. And this guide will help you to do just that.

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3. Basic Courtship

OK, this topic is not a problem which most of you guys may face. Be nice, gentlemanly and the works. Flowers, dinners, movies etc. Remember, this is a COURTSHIP, not a hunt for sex predators. Please DO NOT expect the ladies to offer her body to you. It does not work that way.

A romantic date DOES NOT mean that it is only right that you get in her pants or allowed to be physically intimate with her. Be gentlemanly. For those of you who have no idea as to what being a gentleman is, it is easy. When you try to get "cosy", and the lady says "No", it means STOP, that is the furthest you can go. And please stop when she says no, she is not playing a game. Neither is it an encouragement to go further. It is not the end though, continue to be nice, keep the ego in check and if you can keep a good conversation, she will make a mental note of what a nice guy you are.

During courtship, I need you guys to be confident, but do not be overly-confident that you appear to be a super-egoistical MCP. I can't tell you how confident you should be but if you have a lady-friend, ask for advice on what to talk about during dates. Yes, ask the ladies. I mean who knows better? The confidence aspect needs a little tuning before it can come out naturally for some guys.

One more thing guys, when you are talking to the lady, please concentrate on the conversation. This applies at all times! When a lady tells you her problems or she's talking to you, pray LISTEN. You do not have to understand what is going through their mind, but just know what they are trying to tell you. They do not need you to understand, just to listen to what they have to say. Being a good listener is what I can say as taking the first step to satisfy a lady.

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4. Foreplay

-When a touch is not a touch...

Alright, so what happens when the lady gives you her permission, spoken or unspoken, to get involved in sexual congress? Please do not appear too eager to get down to business. Remember, be confident in what I'm about to tell you to do, the lady likes her man to have at least some control over his own mind.

Before penetration, please spare AT LEAST 15 min to half an hour on foreplay. What is foreplay for? Read the following:

It is easy for us guys to be stimulated. A caress here or a glimpse of her bare flesh can get us all hot and bothered. It takes a little more for a lady though. Remember about complementing each other, guys? Ok, the lady can be better aroused with foreplay and this will help her prepare for penetration.
The act of foreplay will heighten the sensations experienced by the lady during sex. Every little action counts. Do not skip over steps unless the lady tells you to. And remember that it is your mission to make her reach her orgasm so listen closely as to what she may want you to do and do it to the best of your capability.
A foreplay is meant to be the teasing act before sex. It is supposed to help the lady lose her inhibitions and get HER hot and bothered. It is good to make her a little frustrated through the foreplay as it will help to get her "more into the moment". So tease away but as with all good stuff, it is best served sparingly. What should you keep in mind during foreplay? What will the lady like and what will turn her off? Take note of the following:

While undressing, make it more interesting. Try to feel more sensuous. A simple act of helping her take off her bra can be made more interesting by using your teeth to slowly and sensually pull down her straps. Using your tongue to outline the material of the bra against her skin may also help. And all this while LOOKING INTO HER EYES. A point to note here, before, during and after sex, make it a point to look into her eyes as often as possible. It is a sure way of saying that you are enjoying your moment with her. And when she finally exposes herself to you, do not keep the compliment in your mind because she sure as hell can't hear you. Compliments and positive comments are always welcome to a lady's ears.

Yes, most of you guys would pay attention to the obvious places like the breasts and vagina. But how should it be done? As I have said earlier, be sensuous and be a tease. The last parts to be touched should be the nipples and the clitoris. These are the highly sensitive areas. Start from places less sensitive, such as the sides of the breasts and the hips. Use your hands to stimulate the less sensitive areas. In the meantime, pay attention to her ears. Give gentle and furtive nibbles on her lobes. Start slowly and then use your tongue to explore her ears from outside to inside. You can move down to her neck, then slowly to her collarbone, and like the ears, give gentle and furtive nibbles. This act should be repeated with a flowing and continuous motion down to her breasts, with intent, make it known that that is what you want to do.

The Breasts. Do not be greedy. Be calm and collected while handling the breasts. The nipples are highly sensitive, so be sure to tease them. A sure way of doing this is by blowing warm and cold air onto the nipples; avoid direct contact for the moment. Lick the areolas but be careful not to touch the nipple, yet. When a moan escapes her lips or when her eyes are droopy from the attention you're giving her, it is a cue to move onto the next level. Suck on her nipples. Slowly and one at a time, applying constant and "throbbing" pressure while you are doing so. Remember, maintain eye contact. Use your eyes to tell her how much you want her. The breast not in your mouth should be massaged and the nipple tweaked slowly with the thumb. The free hand should be caressing the body and it's final destination should be the vagina.

The Vagina. Like the breasts, work your way from the less sensitive area to the highly sensitive area. Give furtive touches and touch the clitoris. Be gentle. Move the finger in circular motion and slip down into the vagina, slowly. While this is being done, you can check how aroused she is. When she is wet, slowly slip a finger into the vagina, then quikly back to the clit. Repeat this. When a finger is inside, feel for the G-Spot. The G-Spot is located on the front side of the inner walls of the vagina. When aroused, there will be bumps which can be felt by the finger rubbing against the spot. Maintain rubbing motion on G-Spot with index finger while rubbing the clitoris with the thumb. All this while maintaining attention on the breasts.

All may be fine but the breasts and vagina are not the only stimulation areas. Be creative. Always treat a woman's body like a temple; treat the moment like an act of worship to a goddess. Do not be afraid to explore with your fingers and tongue. Nibbles, licks and gentle sucks are always welcome anywhere on a woman's body. But remember, if she tells you she is not comfortable, do not go further; you will just spoil the moment for her if you do. Areas that may be surprisingly stimulating to the touch are the small of the back, the elbow, the side of the torso, the heel, the inner thigh and the back of the knee. Treat these areas accordingly. The more stimulation a lady gets, the easier it will be for her to reach her sexual peak.
Always look out for her comfort level. While progressing, study her face for any discomfort or signs of pleasure. If there is any signs of discomfort, address it. Signs of pleasure should be taken as an encouragement that you are doing something right, so continue doing it!

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5. Oral Sex

This must be practised and fine-tuned before you can give proper oral sex. The clitoris and vaginal area will be throbbing with anticipation and excitement. As always, be confident of what you are doing. Find a comfortable position to place your lips at the same level as her vagina. The best position is if she is lying down and her vagina is at the edge of the bed, while you are kneeling on the floor. This provides the best access and freedom of motion. First, continue from rubbing the clitoris and the inside of the vagina with your fingers. While maintaining that, using your lips and tongue, treat and tease the clitoris the same way the nipples were. Use the free hand to spread the vagina lips open. Remember, be gentle. This is a goddess you are pleasing and adopt the mentality of her satisfaction being of higher priority than your own. Flick the clitoris with your tongue and tease it. The tongue has taste buds and these can be felt by the clitoris. It will heighten the sensation when the clitoris is rubbed against the surface of the tongue. If possible maintain eye contact. And do not stop the motion of the fingers. A lot to do all at once? Precisely why you must practice on the coordination. But whatever you do, work that tongue on that clitoris.

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6. Intercourse

The intercourse in itself is a natural act, but do not forget to pay attention to the lady. Do not be too engrossed. Be active during sex, do not be a passive partner. Complement each other. When one is tired, the other must do the work and vice versa. During intercourse, talk to the lady. Not too much talk, just barely. Sexual stamina and drive varies individually but the extra effort put in makes a difference. Do not forget to pay attention to the clitoris at every possible moment. The clitoris is the primary stimulation for a woman, the inner vagina is secondary. When having sex, gyrate the pelvis so that there is pressure applied by the pelvis, specifically the base of the crotch, on the clitoris. At times, while having sex, you can use your thumb to stimulate the clit. In events when you cum first, do not be selfish. Remember, the lady has not reached her peak yet. Conscientously put in the effort to continue intercourse or start from foreplay or commence oral stimulation to ensure that the lady gets her share of satisfaction. DO NOT ROLL OVER AND SLEEP! You disappoint me if you do. For intercourse, stimulate the lady at other parts of the body as was described in foreplay. Be creative and don't let your hands, fingers and tongue remain stationary, make sure they always have something to do. Remember, even when the sex commences, the foreplay never cease.

Always try to drive yourself to the limit and bring her to the edge.

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7. Post-Coitus

After all the physicals, you must be pretty tired. Do not, however tempting it is, roll over and sleep. She still needs to have your arms around her. If possible strike a small conversation, in context with the situation. This is called an emotional hanger. You must be there for her and she MUST feel that you are there for her. How is that possible you may ask? Well, do it sincerely and willingly, and she will feel that and appreciate it. Give everything your 100%. Give her the small kisses to show how appreciative you are of her. If you find all these troublesome, then do not have sex. It's little things like these that makes a difference. Trust me.

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8. Keeping It Hot! Hot! Hot!

After a while, things may get pretty monotonous. It is up to you to explore new horizons and this is where you must learn to communicate with your lady. Keep an open mind to her suggestions. It does not mean that you are getting boring to her, but it is a way to keep things interesting. It is best to learn to communicate with each other. Learn how to let your thoughts be understood and learn to understand what she is saying. If you do not understand, ask her to explain. It is that simple. Just do not let your male-ego and short-temperedness spoil a good thing going for you. It ain't worth it. Discuss new ways or things to try. Keep it hot.

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All The Best!

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