Apologies to the Standards  

scottydub 42M
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3/19/2006 8:12 pm

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9/4/2006 9:13 pm

Apologies to the Standards

I acutally had a really great night with a S/C a month or so ago. She didn't even post her picture. I admit I was wrong to paper all of them as fakes and I apologize. She's had a bit of bad luck lately and I don't know if we'll get together again very soon, but she really opened my eyes to women that just want to remain completely anonymous and don't want to pay the monthly fee.

angelofmercy5 58F
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3/19/2006 8:26 pm

Good deal Scotty...and good luck!

caressmewell 53F

3/19/2006 9:07 pm

Some people have to be discrete..

diamonddiva005 36F
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3/19/2006 9:11 pm

Yes, there are some good standards out there. I am also one of them. I also want to remain extremely anonymous, givent the type of job I have. Good luck with her and the rest of us standards on here.

chocolateflagrl 51F

4/1/2006 1:28 am

I thought your original take on standards was funny. I am one of them and I need to be anonymous. I am meeting fun and interesting people as a standard so it can't be that bad...

the_room_novelty 44F  
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8/10/2009 9:54 pm

lol Ok I read your previous blog about standards. and I agree...money makes the site. however, being a standard, I've seen the site go tits up-not working even for those that pay (and let me tell you-they weren't happy either)

everyone has their reason to be on here-and in the various ways-whether it's paying or not. I chose to remain standard, as I joined as a joke to myself. I won't put a pic up, as I am not looking for anything (never really was-but it happened that I did). I just chat in rooms that are not local and since I'm already a font 3000+ miles away, what difference is it what I look like...

and so to not freak you out...I'm not quasimodo however, if anyone asks what I look like-I do tell them I'm a 3'5" redheaded troll

for some reason...they don't believe it **but I am redheaded (and the other half doesn't think I'm bad looking )

glad to see you gave standards another look....there are some great people out there-I've made LOADS of friends-and 99.9% are standard

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