Goggle Earth  

scorpmail66 50M
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3/15/2006 4:20 pm

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3/26/2006 1:24 pm

Goggle Earth

Has anyboby tried this search before if not try it
in your search bar type in goggle earth and download the program you can see almost anywhere in the world via space, your home, its amazing

soz its nufink to do with sex but gotta be worth a look hehe. unless you sunbath naked in your back garden/yard

southrnpeach333 50F

3/15/2006 5:12 pm

i have found my house, it is the coolest thing

meerkittykat 42F

3/15/2006 5:18 pm

Yup....got it....trippy to see people's houses. I swear I can see my friend walking down 58th St in Manhattan.

scorpmail66 50M
260 posts
3/16/2006 3:11 pm

hi southm thanks for visiting my blogg i know its great aint it and the best thing is its totally free lol

scorpmail66 50M
260 posts
3/16/2006 3:14 pm

hi meerkitty,

thanks for viewing my blog glad you enjoyed the goggle earth hun come back and visit anytime

demonicsexkitten 41F
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3/24/2006 1:03 am

i learned about the google earth feature from a friend in another country that ... i hadn't realized i'd given him my addy, but he pulled up my city... my block... my apartment... not quite close enough to be able to tell if my car was in the parking lot, but close enough. kinda creepy.

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