There was no beauty in the August night!  

scorp77enigma 61M
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4/28/2005 3:25 pm

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3/10/2006 8:56 pm

There was no beauty in the August night!

I was laying on the patio on a cool August night. It was only this last fall...just a few months ago. There were stars flickering light years in the distance reaches of space. And as I lay there surveying my surroundings. The overhanging branches of the ash tree, that resembles an umbrella. The mimosia tree. The yucca plant sitting on a column of stone. The elephant ears dwarfing all the other plants in the flower beds. And the patio lights...illumating everything in a dim light. The night was still...not even the slight movement of a leaf caught my eye. The only sounds were those coming from the highway, far away. At that moment it came to me....something was missing. There was no beauty in the August night....I could not see what I knew was there. Sometimes we become as a blind man. Not seeing things as we once saw them. When passion is missing in a persons life.....and intimacy. It makes us see things in a different light. It takes a special person to open our eyes. Yeah...thats why I'm on here. To meet that woman that shall open these eyes. scorp77

Crimson959 57F

4/28/2005 5:50 pm

scorp...this read opened my one of my posts I mentioned that there is something missing in my life and I realized just lately what it actually was...the desire to experience "passion"...true passion not "lust". It's amazing how many people confuse the two as being the same "passion" and "lust". Yet they are completely different. What is your favorite color of a rose?

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