The mind of a woman?  

scorp77enigma 61M
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5/7/2005 7:39 am

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3/9/2006 10:28 am

The mind of a woman?

I often wonder what go's on in the mind of a woman? Does a woman wonder what go's on in the mind of a man? Perhaps we spend most of our time just trying to figure each other out? I shall tell you what go's on in my mind.....if you tell me what go's on in yours. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I love to joke, and laugh...but I find people to serious. I am romantic.....but I find romance is rare. I am passionate.....but it takes a special chemistry of a bring out passion in me. Let me say that I am married, and that stands in my way of finding that lover who is so often in my mind. But I see so many people that are single, and still they do nothing but search...never finding anyone. There has been times when I have felt like just walking out the door....and not looking back. I wonder what keeps me? Perhaps the closeness of family. Not wanting to start all I have worked so hard for what I have. There is an emptyness in life. There is an emptyness in making love to my wife of 25 years. There is a emptyness in a one night stand. What am I searching for? Friendship.....passion....some bonding....a little romance maybe. And perhaps after all these things are put into play....intimacy so wild and untamed is what I am looking for. Life is like a tug of war.....its being pulled in two directions at once. Not knowing which way to turn. I'm just as confused as the next man or woman. And thats everything that go's on in my mind. Sure wasn't much was there? Hope I didn't waste your time reading this. Well....if your reading didn't have much to do anyways. Your life is as boring as mine is. I buy things for excitement....a new truck....a new lawnmower. I would buy a hooker......but the only one we had out here in the sticks retired. Have a good weekend! scorp

rm_WickedFemale 62F
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5/7/2005 11:03 am

Some people now a days stay single by choice, such as myself. Work allows very little time to have a social life, but I am around many people all day long. Don't do one night stands but have meet some wonderful friends thru this site.
I got out of a 28 year marriage for just the same reason as you state, the emptyness of the relationship. Sometimes to grow as a human, you have to see where your values are in this life. Material things come and go, spouses with some can come and go. What is having material things if one is not satisfied with the other part of their life?
As far as figuring out another, it is not worth the effort for when you think you have done it, they change again. Just take someone for what they are and nothing more.
Sorry about the retired hooker there. I am sure since you have said this, there are some interested in filling that position ~winks~
Good Luck!

Crimson959 57F

5/7/2005 12:33 pm

Hello scorp......the thoughts that go through my mind....if I were to write a book on my thoughts it would be a 3 part series...but that's the way women think....a women's mind is like a seems to calmy flow from the surface...but deep down can just imagine. Life is like a tug of war and since I've been on here it's been like a vitual rollercoaster ride...a rollercoaster ride that I'd like to get off sometimes...but the longing is stronger than ever...I will not get off just yet. You and I are alike....we seek something that is not easy to find....that special someone that holds the key to unleash our emotions...our desires...our passion.


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