Life is too the lover I am seaching for!  

scorp77enigma 61M
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4/26/2005 12:48 pm

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3/7/2006 6:50 am

Life is too the lover I am seaching for!

Life is too short! I recall one morning turning on the tv set......The Memphis Belle was on. A true story about a WWII B_17 bomer crew. May 17th 1943 they flew there 25th, and last mission. Just a few days later....I remember seeing on the Internet that the captain of the Memphis Belle had died. Time passes very fast in every day life. There are those times when we have feelings that life is wasting away. We feel unappreciated, and unsatisied with life. But those are the times when we must seize the moment....that is what I am trying to make a differance in my life. Take time to admire beauty! In the early mornings....I sometimes walk. I take the time to study each wild flower. I like the designs...shapes, and colors of each flower. Beauty is most pleasing to my eye. I find beauty in flowers....but also in the touch of a woman. It is woman that makes man see the true beauty in this world. A woman is a beautiful wild flower, with nice petals, and a heavenly fragance. Look around....I see passion everywhere I look. I see it in nature. In the moon, and stars. I feel it in the soft breeze of a summer night. I see passion in a wild flower. And when I find the lover that I'm searching for. I shall say that yellow flowers remind me of you. Slow down.....ya gotta make the morning last. When the day is done, do not lie in bed with the next 100 chores running through your thoughts. I want someone to think of me, and I want to think of somebody. Think of making slow passionate love on a rainy day. Standing naked on the patio, in the wet mist of of night. Holding each other. I want to hear, and taste the music before the song is over. Each time I look at a wild flower, or follow the erratic flight of a butterfly, and gaze at the sun into the fading of night. I shall think of you! I often think of how I laugh when I'm with you. You make me smile, you bring out my best. I want to get more out of control each time I see you. Each time hungering more. My hunger grows....does it have a limit? And I shall I can't get enought of you. Scorp77

Crimson959 57F

4/27/2005 12:54 pm

Oh my!!!...You are a true romantic...your mind is absolutely wonderful...the lover that you will find one day will be a very lucky woman. Good luck in your's really a shame that you are so far away.

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