The Amish Hand Warmer  

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The Amish Hand Warmer

An amish woman and her daughter were riding in an old buggy one cold blustery day. The daughter said to her mother, "My hands are freezing cold." the mother replied "Put them between your legs. Your body heat will warm them up." The daughter did and her hands warmed up.

The next day the daughter was riding with her boyfriend who said, "My hands are freezing cold." The girl replied, "Put them between my legs. The warmth of my body will warm them up." He did and warmed his hands. The following day the boyfriend was again in the buggy with the daughter. He said, "My nose is cold." The girl replied "Put it between my legs. The warmth of my body will warm it up." He did and warmed his nose. The next day the boyfriend was again driving with the daughter and he said, "My penis is frozen solid."

The following day the daughter was driving in the buggy with her mother, and she says to her mother, "Have you ever heard of a penis?" Slightly concerned the mother said, "Why, yes. Why do you ask?" The daughter replies, "They make one hell of a mess when they defrost, don't they?"

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What do you call a guy standing in the middle of a field with his arm up a horse's butt -- an Amish Mechanic.

An Amish family visited a shopping mall for the first time recently.

The father and his son stopped in front of an elevator as a very large woman pressed a button on the wall next to it. Both father and son where very puzzled as the two silver doors opened to a very small room with no other doors or windows. The very large woman stepped into the small room and the doors closed.

The father and son waited to see what would happen and after a couple of minutes the doors opened again. This time a very slender and attractive young woman stepped walked out.

The Amish father turns to his son and said, "Go get your mother".

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